Fly-On-The-Wall Documentary “Team Khan” Arrives On DVD November 12

Fly-on-the-wall documentary Team Khan about Amir Khan’s life inside and outside the boxing ring, arrives on DVD on November 12.

Team Khan - UK DVD

“A boxing documentary that compresses the career of one of Britain’s most promising boxers into a concentrated three fight quest for immortality. It documents not only the young fighter’s insatiable desire for legendary status, but also the difficult dynamics of the support team around him,” says Rohan Crickmar in his Raindance Film Festival notes.

“This is a fly-on-the-wall documentary that embeds itself within the Khan camp during the defining period of his career. The film does a great job of detailing the stresses, strains, and tensions that creep into Khan’s bloated entourage as the young fighter attempts to position himself for a shot at [Floyd] Mayweather.”

Produced by Australian filmmakers, Blair Macdonald and Oliver Clark, the pair followed Khan over the course of two years, with countless hours spent with the boxer in training under the tutelage of Virgil Hunter. “The skill, dedication and athleticism we witnessed in those sessions was incredible to see up close,” the pair said.

Team Khan - Amir Khan documentary

The film is a fascinating look at an athlete who was once, as World Boxing News puts it, the “man to beat, until he was beaten, and beaten again”. Now he’s confident he can be world champion again.

Crickmar, in his Raindance notes, says, however, “the dream of a super fight against Floyd Mayweather remains tantalisingly elusive.” He adds: “Veteran trainer Virgil Hunter is shown to be the one figure determined to try and keep Khan’s feet firmly planted in one ring at time. What makes this an enthralling boxing film is the tightrope that Khan is forever walking between glory and failure, and directors Clark and Macdonald do a great job of capturing the frenzied energies of this period in a great career that will, it seems, forever remain unfulfilled.”

Team Khan arrives on DVD in the UK on November 12.

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