“The House On Mansfield Street” Gives Amazon Prime Video Its British “Paranormal Activity”

Currently screening on Amazon Prime Video is new found footage horror film The House on Mansfield Street from writer-director Richard Mansfield. It sees a video editor move into a haunted house where he begins to document a number of strange occurrences.

The House on Mansfield Street - Richard Mansfield / Matthew Hunt

A found footage horror movie for lovers of Bad Ben, Leaving D.C., and Paranormal Activity, Richard Mansfield’s The House on Mansfield Street is a pleasing British entry into the genre.

Currently screening on Amazon Prime Video, complementing the array of excellent found footage horror films to have blessed the VOD service currently and previously, The House on Mansfield Street sees a video editor begin documenting his move from London to the Midlands only to discover strange, paranormal occurrences in his new home.

Written and directed by the filmmaker behind Video Killer, The Mothman Curse, Blood on Satan’s Paw and The Demonic Doll, Richard Mansfield is no stranger to low budget horror. According to IMDB.com, The House on Mansfield Street was made for £300. You’ve got to give him credit for extracting every single penny of that money for the good of the film, a few neat stylistic flourishes making this entry into the found footage genre a memorable one.

Although our full review highlights the film’s shortcomings, fans of this type of horror movie will likely find plenty to enjoy.

It’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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