New British Comedy-Horror “Polterheist” Comes To DVD Ahead Of 2019 General Release

Who are you gonna call? Genre mashup Polterheist – a fun mix of horror, comedy and gangsters – gets an early DVD unveiling ahead of its general release next year.

Polterheist - David Gilbank

You might not know if you need an exorcist or a mob enforcer in new British comedy-horror, Polterheist, which arrives on DVD ahead of its general release next year.

Described as “hard-hitting, creepy and hilarious” by Starburst Magazine and “original, violent and very entertaining” by Britflicks, co-writer and director David Gilbank’s genre mashup sees two hapless small time crooks who kidnap a psychic medium in order for her to contact the dead gangster they killed to find his buried loot.

Underestimating the dead, the pair unleash a demon hellbent on revenge while a very real, very psychotic gang boss is on the look out for reprisal.

Polterheist - David Gilbank

Featuring a talented up-and-coming cast including Jamie Cymbal, Sid Akbar Ali, Jo Mousely and Pushpinder Chani, Gilbank’s film has already generated a number of favourable reviews praising its original mixture of British gangster, supernatural horror and dark comedy tropes.

The film is available to buy on DVD via Tribal Films’ website.

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