Matt Gambell’s “King Of Crime” In UK Cinemas From November 2

Matt Gambell’s modern British gangster thriller, King of Crime, will appear in select UK cinemas from November 2. The film stars Jonno Davies, Mark Wingett and Claire King and features a cameo from Buffy the Vampire favourite Nicholas Brendon (who played Xander).

King of Crime - Matt Gambell

Arriving on November 2 in select cinemas is Matt Gambell’s new gangster thriller, King of Crime, starring Jonno Davies, Mark Wingett and Claire King. The second feature film from the British director sees a big player in cyber-crime face destruction at the hands of Islamist extremists so sets up his biggest scam before hopefully walking away for good.

Shot in the UK and Marbella, Spain, King of Crime brings together the up and coming talents of Gambell (who made 2014 romantic comedy What Goes Up) with bestselling writer Linda Dunscombe and an exciting British cast that features both youth and experience for a gangster thriller that’ll thrill genre fans.

“When I read the script I was immediately fascinated by what the film was at its core,” says Gambell. “On the surface, it’s a modern crime-thriller, with a love and awareness of the genre. However, at its core, underneath the hard hitting action, bold conflict and gratuitous violence, it’s very much a character piece.”

Meeting the expectations of genre fans with the spark of invention is the hope of all those involved in the film. Indeed, organised crime is moves out of the back streets and into new, high-tech cyber-hubs, it is the geeks and graduates that are the new foot soldiers with Oxbridge being the new recruiting grounds.

King of Crime - Matt Gambell

Delivering an exciting and high quality film on a modest budget was always going to be a challenge but an early draft of the script tempted Claire King and Mark Wingett to join the cast, showcasing the qualities of Dunscombe screenplay.

Finding the right actress to play Jessica Slade was the hardest part to fill. The filmmakers saw more than thirty wonderfully talented actresses and called several back for second auditions; but it was generally felt that nobody was quite right for this challenging role. On the very last day Jonno Davies was auditioned for the part of Andrew King and his girlfriend Rachel Bright came along to read for Jessica. As soon as she started to read from the script the entire casting team knew that she was perfect for the role and Jonno was a great choice to play Andrew.

“I was incredibly lucky to be given the chance to direct a movie like this, and it was an interesting challenge for me. My previous film was a romantic-comedy shot on virtually nothing. So, King of Crime offered a huge step-up for me both financially and professionally. I was excited to be able to work with such a diverse and experienced cast & crew to help bring both sides of this film to life.

King of Crime is a movie that sits on so many levels, and the biggest challenge for me was trying to maintain the complexity of the characters and each scene, while also telling an interesting and compelling story overall. I’m really pleased with the outcome of the film and I’m proud of everyone involved.”

Gambell had spent five years studying film at College and University before graduating in Film Production Practices, before shooting his first feature in 2013. The film was premiered in December 2014 and very soon after it won the award for Best Romance at the London Film Awards. During this time, he also worked as a visual effects compositor and colourist for a 2014 sci-fi film directed by Darren Scales. In 2015 he worked with Darren again as a Camera Assistant and 2nd Unit Director on the Award winning short film Dark Wave: Edge of the Storm.

“One of the things I’m pleased about throughout the process of making King of Crime is the shared vision that everyone on the team seemed to have. Across the board everyone involved would often agree on how a scene should play out and I’m grateful for the freedom [producers] Linda, Peter and James gave myself, Nick and Tom in working to bring each scene to life.2

King of Crime is in select UK cinemas from November 2.

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