New British Thriller “Us And Them” Arrives In Cinemas; On VOD From October 23

“With frothing energy and unfettered vulgarity, Us and Them lances the boil of working class grievance and watches as the infection spreads to everyone in its path,” gushed the New York Times. Joe Martin’s provocative thriller has landed in UK cinemas ahead of its VOD release on October 23.

Us and Them - British Film (poster)

Us and Them, which has landed in UK cinemas ahead of its VOD release on October 23, has divided audiences since it was debuted at SXSW in 2017. Joe Martin’s darkly comic thriller has enjoyed both outpourings of love and outrage as its topical underpinning and raw, controversial conceit has drawn some audiences in but pushed others away.

The Daily Dead said the film “feels precisely like the type of movie we so desperately need right now,” highlighting how it hits a nerve. Conceived in light of the fury reflected by votes for Brexit and Trump, Martin’s chamber piece on speed has nods to Tarantino in the way it complements stylistic flourish with a rock n roll soundtrack featuring the likes of The Damned and Sleaford Mods.

Us and Them - British Film

The set-up sees three unruly, disenfranchised British lads, angry and restless, decide that they’ll make a grand statement on economic equality in the most brutal way. They target an upper middle class family; a wealthy banker the sacrificial lamb for gang leader Danny’s (Jack Roth) malicious intent.

Framed as a violent home invasion, the banker’s daughter Philippa (Sophie Colquhoun) unwittingly unleashes the torment when her imposter “boyfriend” soon invites the rest of his gang into the home to begin a deadly game of Russian roulette. The battle lines are drawn; seething anger of working class youth versus upper crust entitlement and privilege.

Sporting an exciting British cast led by the Roth alongside Colquhoun, the young pair are joined by Carolyn Backhouse and Andrew Tiernan in this incendiary story of small scale class war and the roots of revolt.

Us and Them is in cinemas now. IT’s on VOD from October 23.

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