“Bad Reputation”: How Joan Jett Changed The Face Of Punk Rock In Cinemas October 26

Bad Reputation, from Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” music video director Kevin Kerslake, celebrates the life of Joan Jett and her influence on punk rock. Currently screening as part of the BFI London Film Festival, the film will get a UK-wide release on October 26.

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation, the electrifying new documentary from Kevin Kerslake (who famously made the Come As You Are music video for Nirvana amongst others such as REM’s The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite, and Green Day’s Brain Stew/Jaded), arrives in UK cinemas on October 26. Charting the life of cultural icon and trailblazer Joan Jett, the film celebrates her influential music and how it affected generations of musicians.

It’s a story about a strong-willed woman, who rose to stardom the world over with hit “I Love Rock n Roll” and its endless play on MTV. “I Hate Myself for Loving You” and other hits followed as well as world tours but her work began a long time prior to her achieving celebrity status. She was the backbone of the hard-rock legends The Runaways and started her record label out of the trunk of a car after being rejected by no less than 23 producers.

Featuring a host friends, rock stars and fans including Adam Horovitz, Alison Mosshart, Billie Joe Armstrong, Debbie Harry, Ian MacKaye, Iggy Pop, Kathleen Hanna, Kristen Stewart, Michael J. Fox, Michelle Cho, and Miley Cyrus, Bad Reputation paints a picture of Jett’s place in rock music history with thrilling archival footage and intimate detail.

Bad Reputation arrives in UK cinemas on October 26.

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