Bruce Willis & Adrien Brody Star In New WWII Thriller “The Bombing”

The Bombing, released in the U.S. as Air Strike, stars Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody in a true story inspired by the heroism displayed by ordinary Chinese citizens during WWII. The film will be released in the UK digitally and on DVD on October 29.

The Bombing - Bruce Willis / Adrien Brody

To be released theatrically in the U.S. as Air Strike, UK audiences will get the chance to sample the all-star casting of Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody for the first time on October 29. The film, a true story inspired by the heroism displayed by ordinary Chinese citizens during World War II, will land on Digital and DVD under the title, The Bombing.

The Bombing - Bruce Willis / Adrien Brody

Based on the story of Chongqing’s military machine in 1940, this Chinese-produced film (which was shot largely in Shanghai) focuses on the courage of China’s citizens during the Second World War, depicting U.S. Air Force Commander Jack Johnson (Willis) training Chinese pilots to defend the skies from the Japanese airborne threat. Johnson discovers an over-eager pilot willing to put his life on the line to fly a powerful bomber that could be the key to stopping Japan’s attacks.

The Bombing - Bruce Willis / Adrien Brody

As this is taking place, a team of spies and refugees seek to carry a game-changing decoder device through dangerous, war torn countryside as this historic conflict rages. Also starring Ye Liu and Seung-heon Song, the film will see Willis star alongside his daughter Rumer Willis (who will join her father for the first time in a substantial role). The actress did appear alongside her dad in The Whole Nine Yards and has had parts in The House Bunny and Sorority Row but The Bombing will see her get a chance to properly flex her dramatic acting skills ahead of joining Quentin Tarantino for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The Bombing - Bruce Willis / Adrien Brody

The recently released trailer suggests an action-packed extravaganza should be expected alongside some overly pronounced morality monologues from the film’s Die Hard star. Whether The Bombing will turnaround Willis’ fortunes after a string of straight-to-video failures is a question for October 29 when the film makes its first appearance for UK viewers.

What’s disconcerting is the fact the film was shot in 2015 as a 3D vehicle and has remained in limbo since. The CGI depicted in the trailer looks ropy at best while the 3D element has been dropped. If I was to have a guess at what’s delayed it, you’d point to the aerial action sequences which look like they’ve been entirely developed in a computer. Whether the performances can compensate for cartoonish CGI remains to be seen.

Signature Entertainment presents Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody in The Bombing on DVD and Digital HD October 29.

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