“Rambo 5” Turns Stallone Into A Cowboy

Sylvester Stallone is back filming Rambo again for what looks like a western-themed follow to the franchise’s 2008 reboot. I suppose it makes sense, we did after all leave the PTSD-suffering soldier on his father’s ranch in Arizona.

Rambo 5 - Sylvester Stallone

The first image to appear from the now in-production Rambo 5 is a strange one. Instead of meeting our expectation of the troubled soldier and one-man-army with a very large weapon pointed at unsuspecting prey, a look of menace in his face, Rambo is seen putting on gloves in a Stetson looking more like he’s going out to tend to cattle than enter battle.

It’s a rather sedate, unassuming and, dare we say, friendly interpretation of the character. Perhaps Rambo’s fifth outing is going to be a very different one. Or maybe this taster hides a more conventional concept for Stallone’s second most famous movie creation (after… you know, Rocky!).

Rambo 5 - Sylvester Stallone

Indeed, news of the film’s plot suggests something akin to John Ford’s western classic The Searchers as Rambo is tasked with saving the daughter of a friend after she’s kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. This does sound interesting but Stallone-does-western would be far more intriguing if he didn’t start shoehorning his well-known characters into the genre and instead go for something original.

However, that’ll give Rambo plenty of time to brutally kick some ass! Stallone might be directing the film or it may be Adrian Grunberg as both have been rumoured to be taking the hot seat. What we do know is that Stallone is back in the role and that he’s got input into the script alongside fellow writer Matthew Cirulnick.

Rambo 5 will be out next year.

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