This Year’s “I, Daniel Blake”, “Sink”, To Premiere At Regent Street Cinema

This year’s I, Daniel Blake, writer-director Mark Gillis’ Sink, will premiere at Regent Street Cinema before its theatrical release on October 12.

Sink - Martin Herdman

Described as this year’s I, Daniel Blake (and a film that its writer Paul Laverty would likely be proud of), Mark Gillis’ Sink has already received rave reviews from early screenings ahead of its official UK premiere at Regent Street Cinema on October 5. It’ll get a limited UK theatrical release on October 12 before appearing on Digital and DVD.

Lauded by award-winning actor and Steven Spielberg-favourite Mark Rylance, who called the film “wonderful”, Sink marks Gillis’ feature film debut as writer-director having carved out a successful career as an actor on British TV.

With the credit crunch and the impact of the recession still resonating, it tells the story of Micky Mason (Martin Herdman), formerly putting his manual handling skills to good use but now resigned to taking zero hours jobs as and when they appear. Deciding to take a chance, out of character for the family man, his actions are, in his mind, the only way to keep the family unit intact. Sink is about surviving. There’s anguish and despair but there’s also warm and tender moments. It’s about navigating your way through hardship.

Buoyed by Gillis’ passion, the cast and crew made this low budget independent film for deferred fees and profit share in order to see it come to fruition. The writer-director’s contacts in the industry obviously helped: Simon Archer, a well-respected director of photography, brought his talent to the team, for example. Preview screenings brought many positive reactions including that of Rylance who was so taken by the film, he became an Associate Producer.

Critics have also praised the film. The Movie Waffler said, “Gillis confounds expectations at every turn, twisting the well-worn tropes of gritty British kitchen sink cinema to deliver one of the most genuine and heartfelt portrayals of working class life I’ve ever seen.”

Sink premieres at Regent Street Cinema on October 5 followed by a q and a with writer-director Mark Gillis and lead actor Martin Herdman before a UK theatrical release on October 12.

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