Taron Egerton Is “Rocketman” In Musical Fantasy Charting Elton John’s Early Years

Top 10 Films has caught sight of the first image of Taron Egerton as Elton John in upcoming “musical fantasy” Rocketman, due in cinemas in May 2019.

Rocketman - Taron Egerton

As if Elton John’s ego needed any more massaging, he’ll get a movie devoted to his early career in May next year when British star Taron Egerton dons the flashy clothes and incongruous spectacles to play the pop singer-songwriter.

Produced by Elton John himself, Rocketman is the result of the rock n roll star’s own determination to make a film about his own success (a project he started in 2012). Humble to the extreme, John had pegged Justin Timberlake in the role of himself! Later, following director changes, even more incredibly Tom Hardy was given the nod.

Now Egerton has the role under the direction of Dexter Fletcher (having both worked together successfully on Eddie The Eagle). Despite reservations about the film’s ultimate ambition (a self-congratulatory back patting exercise?), Egerton looks quite at home in Elton John’s shoes (literally). In fact, without context, it would be quite easy to look at the image of Egerton as John and think you were looking at a stock photo of the real singer-songwriter.

The Bodyguard star Richard Madden plays John Reid, the singer’s former lover and manager, while Jamie Bell and Bryce Dallas Howard complete the principle cast.

Rocketman is in UK cinemas on May 31, 2019.

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