Fun Stuff To Get You In The Mood For Halloween

There are many different holidays throughout the year that we all get excited about and one that always causes a lot of excitement and the blood pumping is Halloween; which occurs on the October 31 every year. There are many different things to do in the run up to Halloween to get you in the mood and build some excitement up for the holiday.

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Many decide to engage in some pumpkin carving, which is a very popular Halloween activity. You may decide to just carve out a simple face in your pumpkin and put a candle inside, but if you are feeling very adventurous you may want to do something more intricate and enter into a competition to show off your pumpkin carving skills. Sometimes people have even been known to try such ambitious designs as turning their pumpkin into the head of Donald Trump!

Another way would be to listen to some haunting music to get you in the mood, maybe listen to some Marilyn Manson or Murderdolls tracks whilst you make some Halloween themed biscuits or cakes!

Playing scary or horror themed games could also get you in the mood for Halloween. Try out the immersive and terrifying Alan Wake or even Resident Evil 4 on your Xbox or Playstation. If you don’t enjoy playing console games you could always try a Halloween themed video slot, for example Halloween Fortune 1 and 2 or even mFortune’s Which Witch slot, they are guaranteed to get you excited for Halloween and you might even hit a big win. There are also a range of games you can play in real life in the build up to and even on the night of Halloween too. You might decide to play apple bobbing, Halloween charades, create a Halloween ‘feel box’ or if you have kids around deciding to go out trick or treating in the local neighbourhood.

There are also a whole range of movies to suit all ages that can really get you in the mood for the 31st October. Villian Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s Halloween is an obvious one. Hocus Pocus is a family friendly Halloween film and it is the film many will name if asked their favourite Halloween film and really does stand the test of time. How will teenager Max escape from the three witches?! Hocus Pocus was not a massive success when it was first released in 1993, but has really become a cult film since then.

Trick ‘r Treat is also a great movie option to really get in the Halloween spirit too. Another film that didn’t achieve conventional success in cinemas when it was first released, has seen great success since, especially in the home video market. It’s full of creepy costumes and creepy scenes that will really have you jumping out of your chair and wanting to hide behind the sofa. It really uses atmosphere and mood to bring Halloween alive, making it a fantastic choice of film for this holiday.

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