British Werewolf Horror “The Snarling” To Scare Audiences On DVD & Digital November 5

Get ready for a nasty surprise if you go down to the woods today as The Snarling, described as a meeting of Shaun of the Dead and An American Werewolf in London, comes to DVD and Digital on November 5.

The Snarling - Pablo Raybould

The Brits are good at werewolf films – whether they are American movies with a English setting or homegrown independent hits like Dog Soldiers and Howl. Now comes the latest effort from British shores – The Snarling from director Pablo Raybould.

Raymould, who writes and directs his first feature film, is perhaps better known for his work as an actor, his C.V. showing an array of credits on television in everything from Emmerdale to Jack Dee’s Bad Move.

The Snarling - Pablo Raybould

Yet, clearly inspired by John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London, Raymould channels his creative talents to rekindling some of that horror-comedy excitement with a film that also pays homage to Shaun of the Dead.

Turning the comedy up to 11, The Snarling is never shy of its next gag (or nod to horror films of old) while keeping the scares coming thanks to an independent zombie horror film crew besieged by a killer who happens to murder under a full moon.

The Snarling - Pablo Raybould

Starring Joel Beckett, Chris Simmons, Laurence Saunders, Ste Johnson and featuring Julia Deakin and Albert Moses in cameos (who appeared in Shaun of the Dead and An American Werewolf in London, respectively), The Snarling finds local friends Les, Mike and Bob believing the film being made in their village is a fast track to riches and fame.

But soon it seems the production maybe cursed as mutilated bodies start piling up. The local Detective Inspector and his hapless sergeant Haskins trace the killings back to the film set where the fake blood and gore is beginning to get outpaced by the real stuff.

The Snarling is on DVD and Digital November 5.

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