10 Great Films About Writers & Writing Life

Whether you’re a writer yourself, or you just love something about writing, there’s only so many books you can read before you need to branch out into something a little different, in this case, films.

While there are lots of films out there based on books, what about movies based on writing itself, or a writer’s life? Today, we’re going to explore this visual-literacy world and share our top ten picks of the most awesome writing-related films out there today!

10. The Help

Emma Stone, Supergirl, The Help,

A fantastically inspiring movie on how writing can change the world. This flick follows Emma Stone who, instead of traditionally getting married and having kids, decides to become a writer against all the odds, and ends up fighting for what she believes in.

9. Julie & Julia

Meryl Streep, Julie and Julia, Film

This is one of the greatest writing-based films of all time and sets out to compare the lives of two different writers, all while combining the art of blogging. This is somewhat of a mind-bending time travel flick that’s a must for any kind of aspiring blogger.

8. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilder,

Dating back to the 1950s, Sunset Boulevard is the story of a failing screenwriter in need of some cash, and fast. Having met an equally desperate actress, they work together to propel their lives into success and stardom. Perhaps surprisingly to many, this is a lot of people’s most favourite movie of all time, and for a good reason. It’s a classic and is a great showcase of finding balance in your life and following your dreams through passion.

7. Almost Famous

Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe, Film,

Perhaps one of the most popular writing-related movies, Almost Famous takes you back to the 60s where Patrick Fugit aspires to become a rock n roll journalist. Starting at the bottom, Miller (played by Fugit) fights through thick and thin to make it and achieve his dream. As a writer, motivation to succeed can falter over time, especially with several rejections under the belt. However, this film showcases a fantastic amount of dedication and serves as a reminder that anything is possible.

6. The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer - Ewan McGregor

This political thriller focuses on a ghostwriter played by all-star Ewan McGregor who is known only as the ‘Ghost.’ Upon writing the memoirs of a former Prime Minister, McGregor finds himself in a cat-and-mouse situation where the information he has in the book is wanted by some less than desired figures around the world. Great for lovers of action films and boasts an all-star cast.

5. Stranger Than Fiction

stranger than fiction

A true mind-bending tale that follows Will Ferrell who hears a voice in his head one day and believes he may, in fact, be the character in a novel; in classic Ferrell-style with hilarious yet mind-bending results. This is a really fun film to watch, and one for all the family to enjoy. While this one may not generally be about writing, it’s great for seeing how characters in a novel develop and take on a life of their own.

4. The Lost Weekend

The Lost Weekend, Billy Wilder,

Quite a dated film going all the way back to 1945, this classic showcases the life of Don Birman, a drunk and failing writer who suffers an immense writer’s block and ends up venturing out onto a 4-day bender.

3. Trumbo

"Trumbo" Should Be Far More Interesting Than This

A truly awe-inspiring drama, this movie follows the life of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo through the 1940s. Through thick and thin, Trumbo is faced with morally-challenging decisions where he’s constantly tested for his beliefs against the power of money.

2. Finding Forrester

The story of a popular and highly talented teenager who crosses paths with an introverted writer who helps to bring out the best in him. Described by some as the James Bond of the writing world, this all-star cast makes this film complete.

1. Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris, Film, Top 10 Woody Allen Films, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams

To top our list, we’ve chosen Owen Wilson’s hit rom-com that follows the life of an aspiring artist and novelist. Moving to Paris for inspiration, Wilson finds himself traveling back in time to meet some of the most classic authors and learning lots along the way.

When it comes to sitting at home at night trying to think of which film to watch; there’s no point in mindlessly scrolling to see what looks good. If you love the power of words, or you’re looking for some literary inspiration, any of the ten films above make ideal choices for getting comfy and escaping the world for a few hours.

Written and Compiled by Freddie Tubbs

Freddie Tubbs
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Freddie Tubbs is an arts writer at Ukwritings. He regularly takes part in art conferences and camps, and contributes columns to online magazines and blogs.

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    I hate to admit it but this is a list of 10 films I’ve yet to see even though I loved Capote, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, All The President’s Men, Misery and so on.

    I think I’ll start with Trumbo and work from there, thank you for a great list!

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