“Lucky” Starring The Late Harry Dean Stanton Is In Cinemas & On Demand From Today

One of the last films shot by the late Harry Dean Stanton, Lucky from director John Carroll Lynch and Stanton’s long-term friend, screenwriter Logan Sparks, comes to UK cinemas and On Demand from September 14.

Lucky - John Carroll Lynch feat. Harry Dean Stanton

The late Harry Dean Stanton, who passed away on September 15, 2017, appears in one of his last screen roles in John Carroll Lynch’s Lucky. The film arrives in cinemas and on VOD today.

Written by his good friend, Logan Sparks, Lucky sees Stanton play the cantankerous title character whose self-reliance is a feature of this fiercely independent oddball. Following him on a spiritual exploratory journey towards possible enlightenment, Lucky presents Stanton at the height of his powers despite having passed his 90th birthday at the time of its production.

Receiving rave reviews from critics on its release in the US just days after Stanton’s death, Lucky has been described as “an unassumingly wonderful little film about nothing in particular and everything that’s important” by Variety’s Joe Leydon.

Lucky - John Carroll Lynch feat. Harry Dean Stanton

Because its writer – Logan Sparks – knew Stanton so well (he named his son “Stanton”!), the film presents us with a love letter to the much-loved actor as well as meditating on various themes such as mortality, loneliness, spirituality, and human connection.

Indeed, Sparks notes sixteen plus years as Harry’s right-hand man and best friend resulted in writing and producing this film. It’s a very personal project to both men. And coming as it does after the actor’s death, it has a heightened sense of poignancy.

Lucky - John Carroll Lynch feat. Harry Dean Stanton

Logan met Harry Dean Stanton in 2002. He was tasked with driving Stanton around for the day. But the USC film school graduate and his new acquaintance, the award-winning actor of films such as Repo Man, Paris Texas, and Straight Time, quickly became good friends. After a few weeks he quit his pursuit of becoming an assistant director and began a long and fruitful relationship with the man who once stared down “the” Alien… and lost.

Eight years as Stanton’s personal assistant led Logan to produce the low budget feature film, On Holiday, financed by his own credit card. Stanton appeared in it alongside John Hawkes and James Duvall. Winning several accolades including the LA Downtown Film Festival’s Best New Filmmakers award, On Holiday propelled Logan to produce a series of indie films including The Black Belle, Prevertere, and Nine Full Moons. He also starred alongside his wife Amy Claire Sparks in the film noir comedy Sick of It All.

Sparks, alongside his writing credits, is currently featured in TV and radio commercials, and performs stand-up comedy around Los Angeles. He has also written and developed a TV Series called Ripple, that is currently in talks to be green lit.

Eureka Entertainment in cinemas nationwide (UK & Ireland) and On Demand from September 14 2018.

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