“The Nun” Tops UK Box Office

The Nun proves The Conjuring universe still captivates audiences as it tops the weekend’s box office.

The Nun

Corin Hardy’s The Nun was the UK’s biggest box office draw this weekend, proving The Conjuring universe still excites audiences wanting to be scared out of their wits.

It achieved an estimated total of £4,098,000, including impressive preview numbers on Thursday. New Line Cinema, which is distributing the film in the UK and Ireland, congratulated James Wan – the man behind creating The Conjuring films which includes both The Nun and Annabelle spin-offs.

The Nun, as announced during the filming of Annabelle: Creation, fits into the The Conjuring universe’s chronology as the first story

The fifth addition to the franchise, the new entry captures the visceral thrills of Hardy’s debut horror The Hallow; both films combining an unnerving atmosphere with genuine emotions and characters you care about.

The Nun follows the investigation into a mysterious death in fifties Romania. Sent to the Vatican to investigate are a priest and a novitiate nearing her final vows. They uncover dark secrets and not only put their lives but souls on the line to confront a malevolent force who was first witnessed in The Conjuring 2.

New Line producer Josh Berger said after the UK box office figures were announced: “We’re thrilled that audiences in the UK & Ireland continue to enjoy being terrified by the Conjuring universe. We congratulate James Wan, the architect of this amazing franchise; director Corin Hardy; producer Peter Safran; screenwriter Gary Dauberman; and the talented cast and crew, all of whom have delivered the exhilarating scares that fans have been waiting for. These terrific results and enthusiastic word-of-mouth demonstrate that the appetite is only growing.”

The Nun is currently on theatrical release in the UK and Ireland.

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