Want To See “The Big Lebowski” On The Big Screen In September? Here’s How…

To celebrate The Big Lebowski’s 20th birthday, Park Circus will re-release the film in cinemas with screenings across the UK and Ireland from September 24. Want to see the Coen brothers’ brilliant 1998 cult classic on the big screen? Here’s how…

The Big Lebowski 20th anniversary

White Russian-drinking bowling aficionado, Jeff Lebowski, is heading back (dressing gown and all) into UK and Ireland cinemas September 24 to celebrate The Big Lebowski’s 20th anniversary. The limited release across the UK and Ireland means you’ll have to check local listings to see if it’s playing near you while Park Circus has created a handy guide to cinemas and screening dates.

Now there’s now excuse for missing the hilarious, twisted comedy from the offbeat imaginations of writer-directors Joel and Ethan Coen. Join Bridges’ drunken buffoon “the Dude”, his White Russian, and his bowling buddies for a case of mistaken identity in this visually unforgettable, endlessly funny comedy that ranks as one of the best films the Coens have ever made.

The Big Lebowski will be released in the UK from September 24 with Park Circus screening the film in cinemas at selected international locations throughout 2018.

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