Guess The Casino Game From The Movie

There’s nothing like the sights and sounds of a casino to get your heart pumping – and don’t all those big-shot movie directors know it. From blackjack to craps, roulette to poker, casino tables have featured in some of the best and most memorable movie scenes in Hollywood history.

Who could forget when Alan (the self-appointed leader of the ‘Wolf Pack’) pulled off an incredible card-counting feat in Vegas, managing to win enough cash to ransom kidnapped friend Doug? And was there ever a tenser moment in film than when Daniel Craig, in his big screen debut as Agent 007, took on Le Chiffre in a seriously-fancy Montenegro casino (and all with deadly poison coursing through his veins!)?

Now’s the time to put your knowledge of these epic casino film scenes to the test. Guess which casino game is being played in each of the 10 snaps below. All have been taken from a well-known flick. If you correctly answer all 10, we’ll be seriously impressed!

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