Get The Chance To See “The Worst Mob Movie Of All Time” As “Gotti” Arrives On Digital, DVD & Blu-ray

John Travolta stars in crime-thriller Gotti, described as the “worst mob movie of all time”. It arrives on Digital September 17 and Blu-ray/DVD September 24.

Gotti - John Travolta

Described by the New York Post’s Johnny Oleksinski as the “worst mob movie of all time”, Gotti, starring John Travolta, arrives on Digital on September 17 and DVD/Blu-ray on September 24.

The film languished in development hell before finally entering production so we’re not expecting much. The film is one of few to hold a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s no wonder critics were denied a screening of the film prior to its debut at Cannes.

Gotti - John Travolta

Barry Levinson and Al Pacino were previously attached to the project before actor Kevin Connolly agreed to direct with Travolta in the role of John Gotti.

The film tries to tell the story of John Joseph Gotti, a ruthless Italian mobster. Displaying a lethal and effective blend of loyalty and ruthlessness, the New York gangster possessed an ability to plan and manipulate pieces of the criminal underworld, ultimately helping to transform the already successful Gambino crime family into the most powerful criminal organisation in New York history.

Gotti - John Travolta

Eventually he’d conspire a coup, taking his place at the head of the family in the 1980s. With loan sharking, racketeering, drugs, gambling, extortion, and murder commonplace for Gotti and his goons, it’s strange director Connolly and co appear to portray the mafia gangster “as a loving family man and altogether likable guy”.

Switching between the events that shaped his illicit career during the seventies, and the aftermath when illness ravaged his health in the nineties, the film presents a man whose path was marked by violence.

Lionsgate UK presents Gotti on Digital September 17 and Blu-ray & DVD September 24.

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