Why We’re Excited About “Creed 2”

Rocky lives on. After five sequels to the original classic sports movie and spin-off Creed, you’d think we’d have grown tired of the man-against-the-world tropes. But this franchise keeps hitting the high notes. With only one true dud in the series, Creed 2 comes with big shoes to fill.

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Are you a fan of action and sports movies? Following the success of Creed, a 2015 boxing-inspired action movie based on the Rocky series, a sequel was almost inevitable. Set for release in the US on November 21 and the UK on November 30, Creed 2 has gained further anticipation after its trailers released depicting a familiar foe.

Directed by Steven Caple Jr, a director who gained prominence thanks to 2017’s The Land, the eighth instalment of the Rocky series sees its creator and original star Sylvester Stallone on writing duties. Stallone also returns to his role as Rocky Balboa who, in Creed, trains Adonis Creed, the son of his old rival – and eventual friend – Apollo Creed.

Creed 2 deals with the training of Adonis Creed in the build up to a fight with the son of Ivan Drago, the merciless boxer who caused the death of his father Apollo in the ring 30 years earlier. Seeking to balance his personal life and his obligation towards the big fight, he finds himself trapped at a crossroad; the challenges of his commitments to his family and the opportunity to gain vengeance. Rocky supervises the training of Adonis leading both to question what the fight is really about: fame or family? As the story unfolds, so do the twists that might lead to an instability in both the boxer and the trainer’s life.

The film was announced back in 2016 where Stallone and Gaby Barber confirmed a sequel was in the making. Shortly after, development began, and actor Milo Ventimiglia reprised his role as Robert Balboa, the son of Rocky. Initially, the film was set to release at the beginning of 2018 but decided to delay the release so as not to clash with Black Panther. The script for the movie was completed in July 2017 and filming began a few weeks later. The cast includes Romanian kickboxer Florian Munteanu, Dolph Lundgren, Russel Hornsby and Phylicia Rashad.

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