“Hell House LLC” Is Getting A Sequel & It’s Out In September

The excellent found footage paranormal horror Hell House LLC is getting a sequel. Better yet, it’s already been made and is on its way to VOD platforms iTunes and Amazon Prime Video in September.

Hell House LLC II - Stephen Cognetti

Bloody Disgusting revealed surprising – but welcome – news for Hell House LLC fans as a sequel has been announced. Not only that, the film has already been made and is ready for its VOD debut on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video in September.

A popular sleeper hit from 2016, Hell House LLC gained notoriety in the UK thanks to being the stand out of Amazon Prime Video’s excellent selection of found footage horror films. Described as finding an “unsettling contemporary niche” that “resonates like few of its genre counterparts” by Top 10 Films editor Dan Stephens, talented writer-director Stephen Cognetti has wisely turned his attentions back to the genre that has served him so well.

Hell House LLC II - Stephen Cognetti

Expectations will be high for sequel Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel when it arrives on September 14. It’s described as a follow-up to the original set eight years later as an investigative journalist, convinced answers lie in the abandoned Abaddon Hotel, sets out to discover why there were so many mysterious deaths at Hell House.

Jessica Fox (Jillian Geurts), having assembled a team to break into the hotel, quickly finds out the answers were best left buried and that the “secrets of the Abaddon Hotel are more horrifying than any of them could have imagined.”

The news of the film’s release won’t come as much of a surprise to die hard fans who will have known a casting call went out for Hell House II: The Abaddon Hotel last year.

ModernHorrors.com, which says news of the original film remains one of its most viewed pages on the site, spoke to writer-director Stephen Cognetti during post-production and he said he was excited to see how the sequel will be received as it’s “a little different than most found footage films in terms of how we present the narrative.”

That’s comforting to know but not unexpected. Cognetti showed in Hell House LLC that he knew how to satisfy audience expectation but take the genre’s tropes and do something unique and interesting with them.

Indeed, “every one of [Hell House LLC’s] 80-odd minutes is free of dead weight” said Top 10 Films in its review while ModernHorrors.com noted “many genre fans consider it to be one of the greatest found footage flicks ever made.”

Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel is set for limited digital release on September 14 via iTunes and Amazon Prime Video in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland. It will later stream on other platforms.

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