Denzel Washington On Post-Weinstein Scandal Hollywood, His Actress Daughter & Giving Up Alcohol

In today’s i newspaper, Denzel Washington discusses a post-Harvey Weinstein era Hollywood, why he gave up alcohol and his hopes for his daughter as she begins a career as an actress.

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In an interview with the i newspaper today, Denzel Washington addresses the issue of Harvey Weinstein and how Hollywood can go forward after the revelations about his predatory behaviour.

In fact, The Equalizer actor, who is asked about his concerns over his daughter entering the business, says he hopes things are better now but if anyone messes with her, he’d break their back.

“I think there are just more rules in place. Time will tell on this one but it’s good right now,” he says. “Plus I will break somebody’s back if they mess around with my daughter. Let that be the message to put out there. Their back will be broken.”

Washington also talks about giving up alcohol. “Moderation is the key. If you drink too much water you’ll drown. I’m not drinking alcohol.”

Perhaps having a few years on his side has changed his perspective? “When [you’ve been very drunk] you need a day to recover. You get a hangover. So that’s two days out of your life. I don’t have time to waste. Let’s say there’s 365 days in a year, so in 10 years that’s 3650, so how many days do you want to waste?”

This in an extract from the full interview with Denzel Washington, available to read in this Friday’s issue of the i newspaper.

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