The British Film Collection From Network Sees “Death Line” & “Assault” On The Way To Blu-ray

Network is pleased to announce early 1970s cult favourites Death Line and Assault are on their way to Blu-ray as part of its “The British Collection” series.

Network will release early 1970s cult favourites Death Line and Assault on Blu-ray on August 27.

As a part of its “The British Collection”, the films have been lovingly remastered and restored and come loaded with additional features for fans and newcomers to salivate over.

1972’s renowned horror Death Line (also known as Raw Meat) stars two genre stalwarts in Donald Pleasence and Christopher Lee, and makes its UK debut on Blu-ray.

The film sees its original 35mm camera negative, extensively restored with both automated and manual film dirt removal and damage correction as well as other improvements, newly scanned at 2K and presented in its original theatrical release ratio of 1.85:1.

The hard-hitting thriller Assault (which some will know as In The Devil’s Garden) from 1971 will also make its UK Blu-ray debut. It has enjoyed the same restoration treatment from film materials stored at the BFI National Archive.

Death Line - UK Blu-ray

In Death Line, Donald Pleasence, giving a memorable performance as an idiosyncratic police inspector, is on hand to track down a nest of inbred subterranean cannibals. Stylishly grim courtesy of Oscar-nominated cinematographer Alex Thomson, this long-time cult classic is full of delicious nastiness that’s wonderfully underlined by Wil Mallone and Jeremy Rose’s sleazy soundtrack.

Special Features
• Mind the Doors!: an interview with Hugh Armstrong
• Limited edition, collectable booklet written by Laura Mayne
• Theatrical Trailer
• Image Gallery
• PDF Material

Assault - UK Blu-ray

In the provocative thriller Assault, Suzy Kendall and Frank Finlay star as a plucky teacher and career policeman respectively who group their efforts to catch a murderer. Night of the Eagle director Sidney Hayers keeps things suitably taut as a sadistic rapist adds murder to his repertoire.

Special Features
• Theatrical Trailer
• Image Gallery
• Limited edition collectable booklet written by Laura Mayne and Adrian Smith
• PDF material

Network presents Death Line and Assault on Blu-ray August 27.

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