Michael Douglas “Proud” The Brits Protested Against Donald Trump’s UK Visit

Michael Douglas, a committed democrat, tells the i newspaper he was “proud” the Brits protested against Donald Trump’s hasty in-out visit to the UK.

Solitary Man, Michael Douglas, Susan Sarandon

In an interview with the i newspaper, Michael Douglas says he was “proud” the Brits protested against US president Donald Trump’s hasty in-out visit to the UK.

Douglas, in the UK to promote the release of Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, shows the i newspaper’s interviewer a picture of his son in a post-high school trip to England stood next to a statue of Winston Churchill with a placard that reads “Dump Trump”.

In a wide-ranging interview, Douglas talks about the films he used to make and why adult dramas like Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and Disclosure wouldn’t get made today.

“People ask me all the time, with all these superhero pictures, where’s the chance for you to do the movies you used to do over all those years? Is there a place for them anymore? And there isn’t,” he says adding that the brilliant Behind The Candelabra, Steven Soderbergh’s HBO movie, was turned down by every studio.

This in an extract from the full interview with Michael Douglas, available to read in this Friday’s issue of the i newspaper out on August 3 2018.

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    Mark Fraser Reply

    We have a problem with Trump. In his seminal book about Hitler and the Third Reich, William Shirer acknowledges that writing too soon about history has its shortfalls – this before embarking on a thesis that contradicts this advice. We need to embrace Shirer’s sentiment and refrain from vilifying the subject until the evidence is undeniable. If, by 2020, America’s economy isn’t being subsidised or being propped up by the military, there’s a legitimate case against him; otherwise it’s all bluster.

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    CineGirl Reply

    I just can’t believe that any gains Trump might make in his re-work of the economy would be shortlived and grossly imbalanced. I understand that being POTUS is as much about the relevancy of your image to the populace at any given time but I fear this man is the most self-satisfied in generations which makes him a dangerous character. Regardless of the administration’s accomplishments, is he the best man for the job of leader of the free world? I don’t think so. Would Hilary do any better? For sure.

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