“Pili”: A Striking Social-Realist Film Set For October 5 Release

Pili, an extraordinary film about the struggle of a young woman in East Africa to change her life, will be screened in UK cinemas from October 5.


Pili, the extraordinary film from director Leanne Welham, tells the story of a young woman in East Africa who is determined to change her fortunes.

Led by a predominantly female creative team – including director, producer and cast – Pili, which draws its title from its protagonist, sees a young woman living in rural Tanzania but struggling day-to-day to make ends meet.

She works in the fields for less than $1 per day, trying to feed her children and hide her HIV-positive status. Offered the opportunity to rent a sought-after market stall, Pili must find the money within 48 hours or risk losing a golden opportunity to make a real difference to her life.

But, in trying to get the deposit together so quickly, she has to face some grave decisions that could have long-lasting consequences. The question is: how much is she willing to risk?

Essentially a film about the challenges of living in a developing country and turning inherited adversity on its head, Pili enjoys a genuine sense of authenticity featuring mainly untrained actors (amongst them Bello Rashid, Sekujua Rashid, Mwanaidi Omari Sefi, and Sesilia Florian Kilimila) telling their own stories, many of whom actually suffer from HIV. Locations used include real AIDS clinics.

Produced by Sophie Haram, an academic at the University of London, the film is considered the first ever social-realist feature feature to focus specifically on HIV-afflicted women in East Africa.

Pili will arrive in UK cinemas from October 5.

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