The UK’s Most Iconic Pub Crawls

For movie fans who like a tipple. Here’s our guide to some fantastic “pub crawls” the length and breadth of the UK including iconic venues in London and Edinburgh.

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If you are looking for a day out drinking — responsibly — with a difference, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the UK is host to some fantastic pub crawls. Join Flogas, specialists in LPG gas tank installation procedures for pubs, as they guide you through some of the nation’s most iconic pub crawls.

The Monopoly Pub Crawl, in London

The Monopoly board game has been going strong for over 80 years now, as players attempt to take control of all 26 streets and stations involved in the game. With the Monopoly Pub Crawl, the aim is to drink in every street and train station featured on the original board.

The route is very simple to follow, as you just attempt to follow the streets and stations in board order — starting south of the River Thames at The Lord Nelson on Old Kent Road at 11am and proceeding all the way to Ye Grapes in Mayfair at approximately 11pm.

Due to the distance that you will cover during the pub crawl, it is recommended that you get your hands on either a travelcard or Oyster card for the day. You’ll be covering zones 1 and 2 throughout the duration of the route.

Number of pubs visited: 26

Where to find more information: Click here.

The Otley Run, in Leeds

The Otley Run is the largest pub crawl in Leeds and an experience that is loved by students, stags, hens and general parties alike.

Starting five miles outside of Leeds city centre at the Woodies Ale House in Headingley — 104 Otley Road to be precise — the route involves stops at 16 bars, with the intended finish point being The Dry Dock in the heart of Leeds.

Unsure what to choose as your drink of choice during the experience? You can always spin a wheel that’s behind the bar at the Woodies Ale House and let your selection be picked for you.

Number of pubs visited: 16

Where to find more information: Click here.

The Transpennine Real Ale Trail, in Yorkshire & Lancashire

Unlike the other pub crawls on this list, the Transpennine Real Ale Trail isn’t restricted to just the one city. In fact, it’s a journey that takes in some of the best real ale pubs across both Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Once featured on the BBC show Oz and James Drink to Britain, another unique aspect of this pub trail is that it is completed on a Transpennine train — hence its name.

So, book your ticket on board and then visit pubs located within a short walk of the railway stations of Stalybridge, Greenfield, Marsden, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, Mirfield, Dewsbury and Batley.

Number of pubs visited: 8

Where to find more information: Click here.

The Glasgow Subcrawl, in Glasgow

Continuing the theme of pub crawls involving transport, the Glasgow Subcrawl is a pub crawl which is entirely designed around the Scottish city’s subway system.

This is because the idea is an easy one to follow — you simply pick one of Glasgow’s subway stations as your starting point and then get off at every one of the 15 stops and head to the nearest pub to enjoy a drink.

With an all-day ticket costing a mere £4, it’s a unique way to visit everywhere from Ibrox to Buchanan Street, Bridge Street and everything in between.

Number of pubs: 15

Where to find more information: Click here.

Rose Street Crawl, in Edinburgh

Would you rather not walk for miles or have to constantly hop on and off public transport to complete a pub crawl? Then the Rose Street Crawl in Edinburgh may just be the ideal alternative.

Rose Street can be found running parallel to the three main streets of Scotland’s capital city — George Street, Princes Street and Thistle Street — and is renowned for having a pub within every few metres for close to a straight mile.

A very central location and a simple route, the crawl involves having a drink in each of the 12 pubs situated along the street.

Number of pubs: 12

Where to find more information: Click here.

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