Cult Favourite “Firestarter” Gets Classy Dual Format DVD/Blu-ray Release From Plan B

Firestarter fans rejoice! The 1984 cult favourite featuring a young Drew Barrymore based on the story by Stephen King has been bestowed a wonderful dual format DVD/Blu-ray release from UK label Plan B Entertainment.

FirestarterFinally the home video edition this Stephen King film adaptation deserves. British label Plan B Entertainment released its dual format DVD/Blu-ray limited edition of Firestarter in May 2018 with an exclusive 28-page booklet, poster and art cards as well as an assortment of video features on the discs.

Firestarter, one of the films both subtly and directly referenced in popular Netflix series Stranger Things, stars a young Drew Barrymore shortly after her appearance in Steven Spielberg’s E.T., playing Charlie McGee who develops pyrokinesis (the control of fire with your mind). She becomes a guinea pig for a secretive government agency seeking ways to harness and potentially weaponise her ability.

While Firestarter might not be the most well-known adaptation of a Stephen King book, it’s a film that has gained a cult following. It first appeared in 1984 during a craze for King-inspired movies (Christine, The Dead Zone, Cujo, Children of the Corn and Firestarter were all released within 12 months of each other) and won some critical acclaim for George C. Scott’s menacing child molester and Tangerine Dream’s score that had some fans likening it to 1978’s The Fury. Although largely dismissed by critics, the film’s frailties have since emboldened its supporters.


And now we have a home video edition worthy of owning.

Relive all those Stranger Things 1980s movie references as little Drew Barrymore goes toe-to-toe with one of the world’s super powers.

This sparkling new release features a brand new 2K Transfer and two excellent audio commentaries featuring a scene-specific re-watch with director Mark L. Lester (who most notably made Arnold Schwarzenegger action film Commando) and an audio essay from horror writer and anthologist Johnny Mains.


Playing With Fire: The Making Of Firestarter is a 50-minute documentary recollecting the production with contributions from Mark L. Lester, actors Freddie Jones, Drew Snyder, stuntman/actor Dick Warlock and Johannes Schmoelling of Tangerine Dream. There’s also a nice live performance of “Charlie’s Theme” by Johannes Schmoelling.

Plan B Entertainment released Firestarter on dual format DVD/Blu-ray on May 14, 2018.

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