10 Great Dinosaur Movies

There’s something endlessly fascinating about dinosaurs. Perhaps they invigorate our fascination with evolution, offer a glimpse into a world before humanity, or just give us a really good monster to test our hero’s survival skills. Here’s 10 great dinosaur movies that enjoy different takes on these once great creatures.

It just blows the mind if you stop and seriously consider that these animals were actually here. Just imagine it – all nibbling at plants and ripping each other to pieces, on the very same chunks of land (give or take a bit of shifting here and there) on which we now have our supermarkets and offices. As well as in films our curiosity and cultural obsession is manifest in games too, with titles such as Big Rex slot always drawing the online gaming crowds. Well, anyway, reflective time over, let’s get on with the top ten dinosaur movies of all time, shall we?

10. 100 Million BC

When you pit US Navy SEALS with dinosaurs things get messy, and rather fun. Picture G.I. Jane meeting Jurassic Park and you get the idea!

9. Land Of The Lost

Land of the Lost is no Anchorman but it’s a good laugh nonetheless. It sees Will Ferrell being chased across the silver screen by an immense T-Rex and provoking considerable amusement in the process.

8. The Flintstones

Dress John Goodman up in a fur waistcoat and you’ve already got some pretty good entertainment on your hands. If you put him in a world that combines dinosaurs with fifties America then you’re definitely on to a winner!

7. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The second instalment of this movie franchise gives us plenty of Jeff Goldblum being his slightly curious self and Julianne Moore playing a breath-taking and brainy leading lady.

6. Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

This 2009 flick brings the usual American, family-friendly package of fun to the world of dinosaurs. Moving smoothly along the cultural channel created by Toy Story, Shrek et al. It manages to endow the typically unpleasant beasts with a charm all of their own.

5. Godzilla

OK, technically speaking Godzilla isn’t a dinosaur but a prehistoric sea monster. In fact, the name is a combination of two Japanese words meaning gorilla and whale. However, we all know that Godzilla is essentially a massive dinosaur whom it’s amusing to watch destroy absolutely everything in sight.

4. One Million Years B.C.

This classic from 1966 is quaint and quite hilarious now but definitely deserves to make the top ten. The pairing of cave people with dinosaurs is of course complete nonsense since the two lived millennia apart. However, the atmosphere is great, the action thrilling and of course there’s the famous pin-up of the sixties Raquel Welch to behold.

3. The Land Before Time

This animated classic couldn’t quite be called timeless, having now very much the particular look and feel of that wonderful era of eighties animation that included The BFG and He-Man. Even so, it does stand the test of time and still delivers something that’s easily appreciated by all.

2. Walking With Dinosaurs

2013 brought the nature documentary to the late Cretaceous period and made for what is still a really exciting and eye-opening experience. Using the well-established anthropomorphising  techniques of the nature programme allows for a surprising degree of empathy and connection with these alien creatures.

1. Jurassic Park

Can there really be any other choice for the top spot? Jurassic Park is the film anyone thinks of when you mention the words “dinosaur” and “movie” in the same breath. This one is number one, beyond dispute, and that’s just quite simply that. Now let’s celebrate with this stirring orchestral performance of the epic theme!

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