10 Movies That Will Make You Want To Study

In the world of study, at school or university, there’s always a time when you need to switch off and relax. But as these films highlight, cinema can function as entertainment as well as motivational tool to inspire learning.

In the world of academics, it is advisable for you to take breaks once in a while to prevent yourself from getting worn out. One of the most satisfactory ways in which you can achieve this is by watching movies. The main reason behind this is that they allow your mind to rest as they engage the parts of your brain responsible for imagination and cause them to run wild.

However, it is crucial for you to note that some movies can function to help you relax while motivating you to focus more on your studies. In case you would like to experience more focus in your studies and receive new motivation for the tight weeks ahead, below are some of the most foolproof movies that will assist you to accomplish this quest.

10. The Paper Chase (Bridges, 1973)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyA good number of times, studying doesn’t come easily. The movie focuses on the studious and hardworking James T. Hart who experiences a significant amount of challenges in his first year of study at Harvard. It is an appropriate movie for anyone battling with keeping motivation alive.

9. The Blind Side (Hancock, 2009)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyBased on Michael Oher’s true story, the movie talks about a person who is adopted by a caring family and then given a chance to pursue all the opportunities that he has ever dreamed of. The movie’s tale of hope and kindness will assist in making you more thankful for your life and in the process motivate you into giving your books the attention they deserve.

8. Lean On Me (Avildsen, 1989)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyAre you in search of a second chance to study? Lean on Me is based on a real-life story that talks about an unorthodox type of teacher who returns to a high school that he had been sacked from while he was the principal. On his return, he finds the school in a sorry state and devoid of the success it once enjoyed. This movie is bound to help you to pick yourself up and force your way through any book or site for successful study.

7. Rudy (Anspaugh, 1993)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyRudy is a movie that seeks to show that it is possible for a person to achieve his/her goals through health and fitness. The main character is a boy who dreams about playing football at the Notre Dame University. However, the boy has low grades and poor athletic capabilities and to add insult to injury, his body’s size is half that of other players. No one believes in his prowess, and he works hard to fulfil his dream and prove people wrong. This is a movie that you will find to be inspiring, especially if you are tackling a fitness course.

6. The Great Debaters (Washington, 2007)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyThis is a movie that dramatically retells the true story of a professor by the name of Melvin B.Tolson. He inspires his students into challenging Harvard in a debating championship. In addition to the above, it is worth noting that the movie was produced by Oprah Winfrey and a famous movie star by the name Denzel Washington directs and stars in the film.

5. Legally Blonde (Luketic, 2001)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyAt times during our study sessions, it is common to feel that we are studying things that are beyond our scope of learning. Elle Woods in this movie manages to get over such feelings of inferiority, and as a result, she is able to get admitted to one of the most accomplished universities in the world – Harvard. The movie is inspirational in nature and consists of a narrative of how much hard work can pay off.

4. Stand And Deliver (Menéndez, 1988)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyCould you be a learner that’s oriented more to the “think outside the box” mode of studies? If so, then this is the movie for you. It talks about a Mathematics teacher who encourages his students who have lost hope with their studies to adopt some unconventional teaching techniques that would help them to study and qualify for further education. The movie is an excellent source of inspiration for the people who like going against the tide during their learning process.

3. Dead Poets Society (Weir, 1989)

Dead Poets Society is a story about a shy teenager that’s pushed against the wall by his parents’ expectations, which they expect that he will surpass. They force him into a school which is renowned for its strictness, and it is in this school that he is urged by boys in his class to move against the status quo. In the long run, they all end up finding their individuality by following their various passions. The movie is an outstanding pick for students that would like to remember the reason as to why they chased after their love for studies. This will in turn help in improving themselves as well as changing the world.

2. Good Will Hunting (Van Sant, 1998)

Good Will Hunting, Matt DamonHave you ever unlocked a secret ability? The movie is all about a janitor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who is incredibly talented in Chemistry and Mathematics but has no idea of the things his potential has to offer. Once you watch this movie, you are likely to get inspired to discover the various hidden talents that might be lying within you, only waiting to be unveiled. This is the best go-to movie for anyone that feels that he/she has a calling for number-crunching such as finance and accounting students.

1. Freedom Writers (LaGravenese, 2007)

10 Movies That Will Make You Want To StudyFreedom Writers is one of the most suitable films for a person that may have experienced challenging times both in the early stages of learning as well as in high school. The film talks about a young teacher that breathes inspiration into her class and propels them to applying themselves and pursuing further education. It is a great movie for you to watch whenever you would like to remember the ultimate goal of your studies.

Movies are tools that can be used for purposes other than relaxation as has been showcased in our list. By taking a journey with these movies’ lead characters, you will find that they have one main thing in common. This is their desire to achieve a significant milestone in their lives primarily in the aspect of education.

Written and compiled by Kevin Nelson

Your turn: what are your fave films in our list and what would you recommend for study inspiration?

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    Back in 1983 a friend and I implemented the strategy used in The Paper Chase – to each make revision notes on separate parts of a textbook and then exchange them before the exam – to help us pass. I don’t think it really helped. But it was for a journalism unit (international affairs), and not a law one, so it’s kind of hard to pass judgment on this approach.

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    Great to see Freedom Writers mentioned. Loved that movie.

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    Always thought Dead Poet’s Society was inspiring, both in terms of self-fulfilment and from an education perspective. Dangerous Minds and likable comedy Sister Act 2 would also fit the bill I think.

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    Nice list, but I would have added “The Class” (2008) here.

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