The Basics Of Writing A Movie Essay

There is a difference between reviewing a film and writing an essay on it. Well, the essay is no less than a review, but there are strict guidelines you need to follow to make it a proper essay.

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You can structure your review any way you want while entertaining different points but this doesn’t work when you have to write an essay. Therefore, we are going to share a brief structure that you need to follow when you write an essay about a particular film.

Make sure you follow these guidelines carefully to make your work a distinctive, proper essay.

First Issue

This is rather your introduction, and this is where you ask the question. You better remind everyone that an essay is a question instead of a conclusion. You need to highlight the key aspects that are important to you and use relevant words throughout your work to give subtle hints to the reader about which scenes you like and don’t like.

The points you need to address in your intro are:

  • What people say about the movie
  • Questions related to its genre and traditions
  • How visual style and message mix?

Second Issue

Most times, writing service uk makes this the longest part of the essay. This looks at the closing moments of the movie. It also speaks out about the complications the filmmakers faced while shooting scenes consisting of character development.

This hits the mark with coordinating movements of both cameraman and actor. It begs attention to detail. You need a logical flow in your thought process. You can mention some moments of the movie you analyzed in detail.

Third Issue

This is the final point of your issue. This is where you consider the use of the camera by the respective movie maker. You will consider his self-consciousness as the director uses the camera to shoot in a specific way. He narrated a story and turned it towards the viewers.

This should be your point to make a few arguments while raising questions to the audience. This is also where you speak about the film’s visual style. You can also choose some moments from the film that you want to discuss with the audience and how the camerawork makes or breaks it.

Reach Conclusion

After you have made your points, you better return to your question and make your stand with the movie. You need to mind that you are not writing for yourself. Instead, your work will be read and marked by others. So be clear at the end of your essay and properly address your question.

When you structure your movie essay, you need to highlight the words that are related to the question. This will help you retain your focus.

This will also help you bring the article to a conclusion that helps the reader stay on track. This suggests that your final remarks are based on textual analysis and supported by given examples.  You don’t have to berate or praise the movie like you have been for it, instead just suggest what sort of audience was it for.

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