North Nolan Believes More Movies Should Be Turned Into Games

“More movies should be turned into games,” says one of the most prolific video game voice-over performers in the world – Nolan North.

Performing the voice-over for the main protagonist Nathan Drake of the iconic Uncharted Series, Nolan North is one of the few who knows a lot when it comes to making movies into games.

Nolan North - Video game voice-overs

The Trend of Movies Turning to Games

It is not that films have not been ported into games. Harry Potter and Spiderman franchises have been wildly successful. Still, except these occasional movies, many others have been left out, simply to remain as passive movies. Many gamers simply turn to online casinos like as a result.

As Nolan North says, that is disappointing. His views are that Uncharted had been shot in a way similar to Avatar or Planet of Apes. By this, he signifies that the fine line between the making of cinema and creation of a character in a game has almost ceased to exist.

The same technologies are being employed to output lifelike animated characters. Nowadays anything that is needed from an actor in cinema also applies to the gaming character.

Nolan North contends that actors who are defining a particular character in a game now have to act too just like they have to do in movies.

More on Nolan’s Views

Nolan has recently received the BAFTA award for outstanding contribution in the field of gaming. He says that creating a character is more detailed in a game as compared to its counterpart in the cinematic version. In fact, actors get the freedom that is much more creative for the character or voice-overs in the games.

Another point, which attracts Nolan, is the fact that the games consist of more diverse styles compared to the cinematic version. An increase in characters leads to more different narratives. This translates to more variety of work for the actor enacting the gaming character.

He feels cinema has nothing more to offer other than keeping the audience seated for 2.5 hours. It is simply viewing passively. You can only keep viewing the given story.  On the other hand, a game creates an interactive world for you to explore.

In games, you cease to become an individual and readily transform into the main protagonist’s role. You take the decision and the gaming journey continues further based on how you play it. It’s all interactive. It is for this fact, for which Nolan North wants more cinema stories which are fixed for the audience to be converted into games, which open a number of possibilities at any given time in the game.

According to Nolan, the viewing cinema is a passive act, while gaming is an active, immersive act, which is more personal and vigorously stimulates your brain.

He says that The Girl with Dragon Tattoo is one of the films he would love to transform into a future gaming franchisee. According to him, if this cinema were remade into a game, it would be a huge success and open the door for more such conversions.

As lovers of good cinema and players of iconic games like Uncharted, Deadpool and more, we can only wish that Nolan North’s wish comes true.


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