Average Brit Will Watch 4,341 Films In Their Lifetime

Brits get through more than 4,341 films in their lifetime, according to research conducted to celebrate The Cineworld Unlimited Movie Tour which will take movie-goers on a unique film expedition of the capital in an iconic double decker Routemaster bus between May 31 and June 3, 2018.

Recent research has revealed the “average” Brit will watch 4,341 films in their lifetime. I wonder how that would differ if you compared it to a true film lover. The stats from research conducted to celebrate the Cineworld Unlimited Movie Tour suggests Joe Public watches six films a month, totalling 72 movies per year. That’s 4,341 films in a lifetime (60 years).

Six films a month is a long way short compared to most film fans who’ll watch triple that amount at least with my own stats currently hitting one film per day. Let’s say, give or take a few days off, I watch 320 films per year. With the same 60-year scale, that means I’ll watch 19,200. Wow!

Back to the poll…

2,000 adults took part and the resulting stats found more than a third would rather tickle their funny bone with a good comedy, and three in 10 prefer to be kept on the edge of their seat with a thriller.

One quarter will opt for a drama, with one in five taking pleasure in watching an action-packed motion picture.

Dunkirk was revealed as the most-watched movie released in the last 12 months, followed by Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Wonder Woman – both of which were shot in London.

More than a third have felt proud when seeing London featured on the big screen with favourite London-based films being revealed as Love Actually followed by Bridget Jones’ Diary.

The research was commissioned to celebrate The Cineworld Unlimited Movie Tour which will take movie-goers on a unique film expedition of the capital in an iconic double decker Routemaster bus between 31st May and 3rd June 2018.

There are many well-loved film locations in London and half of those surveyed think this adds strongly to London’s international visitor appeal, even though only 14% would connect London with the global film industry.

More than half agreed the Royal Family was the leading reason why people visit London with an equal number of respondents saying they would like to take a tour of London to visit iconic film locations themselves.

40% believed the original Mary Poppins movie was filmed on location in London, but it was actually filmed in Hollywood.

And only 18% realised Mission: Impossible – Fallout was filmed in the capital – a popular backdrop for this movie franchise. 38% associated Big Ben and 31% cited Tower Bridge as memorable film backdrops.

Between May 31 and June 3 2018, Cineworld is celebrating London as a leading film location with The Cineworld Unlimited Movie Tour.

Cineworld Unlimited customers and movie fans alike can book a unique opportunity to discover cherished London movie scenes and locations.

Running twice per day over 4 days and hosted by a dedicated tour guide, The Cineworld Unlimited Movie Tour will provide an unforgettable journey, visiting popular film locations around London and sharing a taste of the Unlimited Cineworld experience on board.

This includes a cinema foyer on the lower deck, with red cinema seats, a refreshment counter and an open-air viewing platform upstairs.

Casey Cohen, Head of Marketing at Cineworld said: “We’re giving film fans a chance to experience film in a truly original way, with our Unlimited movie tour – bringing them into the heart of the movie experience and giving them a chance to feel like part of the rich, cinematic history of London.

“All of this, from the comfort of a deluxe Cineworld cinema seat. We wanted to celebrate and bring a new concept to existing Unlimited customers and consumers who not only enjoy film, but love the experience of cinema.”

Cineworld Unlimited offers great value for money, with unlimited cinema for just £17.90 per month (or £20.40 for London West End cinemas).

Words by Astrid Hall and Rory Fish

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