Why Netflix Movies Just Aren’t The Same As “Proper” Films

Since its launch, Netflix has presented its subscribers with an array of films and TV shows. But when it comes to its original programming, Netflix has found a unique niche that distinguishes its content from traditional theatrically released movies. Let’s take a look why…

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It doesn’t matter which genre you are looking for, whether it be sci-fi, drama, comedy or even movies for children, Netflix has it all. Who can forget the critically acclaimed series Narcos or the children friendly cartoon series of King Julien? Most of Netflix’s shows and movies have gone on to win awards, in part, because their style and direction cannot be found elsewhere.

Why are Netflix movies different?

So, what is it that makes Netflix churn out different and intriguing stuff that many other directors and producers are wary of?

Let us have a look at the factors contributing to this difference.

Netflix looks at beyond quality

The primary focus of Netflix is not just on quality. Instead, the idea behind the production is to create something short and fun. They are created with the idea of providing entertainment and value to the viewers. It’s the same fun as you would get when playing with online live casino dealers, which means that you would love every bit of it!

Netflix has its own investment policy

Netflix does not make use of experienced and famous directors, like the ones displaying their capabilities in the Hollywood movies. The reason could be a low investment budget or the aim of providing newbies with a platform. But this decision makes a big impact and is probably the most important factor for creating the difference.

It’s more user centric

Netflix aims to understand its audience’s needs. It does so more than other competitors simply because subscribers are the bread and butter for the company.

It’s not a bad thing because after all, Netflix will expand only because of more subscribers. Since, the focus has changed, the results will change too. Whatever gets them more subscribers searching for short and fun stuff to watch, Netflix is bound to divert all its resources in that direction.

Netflix is still pretty young

We all learn by experimenting and learning from our mistakes. It does take some time to master the field and attain perfection. Netflix, is in the learning phase right now and is probably looking for something which will give it an extra edge over other productions.

Everyone loves Netflix’s TV shows

The concept of binge-watching has become popular only with the rise of Netflix. To live up to this new concept, Netflix has divested its interest in creating binge-worthy TV series rather than movies which end within 2 to 3 hours; more suspense means more views. So, if the main energy is focused on TV series, the arena of movies is bound to take the brunt.

Despite this, we can see some promising improvements in Netflix original movies with time. Who knows, they might soon end up being the biggest competition in the entertainment industry!

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