What’s New On Netflix In UAE This Month?

Every month, Netflix surprises us with some fresh new releases. If you aren’t already a fan of Netflix shows like King Julien or Narcos, you sure are missing out. And if you have watched any of these, you would know that Netflix originals are unlike what you would see in the movie theatres.

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They are designed and made to maintain the audience’s attention, which means that you get something refreshing and different each time.

The people who stick to the famous saying “Netflix and Chill” are the ones most eagerly waiting for new releases to happen.

Some of the recent releases include TV shows, new movies and popular previously released movies. And while you could always try out the top Bitcoin casinos online on a lazy Sunday, Netflix shows are something you wouldn’t want to miss out on too.

So what has Netflix in store for us in May 2018? Here is a look…


The title could be short but it is one of the most awaited Netflix originals to be released in May. It has an air of suspense with a sci-fi touch. It is ideal for people looking for new releases especially with an adrenaline rush to offer. The plot consists of two siblings who get together to battle a deadly virus being brought down from the sky during the rains. Intriguing! Isn’t it?


Releasing on May 8, this US stand-up comedian is now ready to cause stomach aches due to laughter in the residents on UAE. Hari Kondabolu has made his debut on Netflix with this stand-up comedy show which is all about presenting the unseen side of racism with a hint of humour. Actually, a lot of humour.

So, get all your errands out of the way before 8th of May, so that you can sit back and enjoy this amazing comedy on Netflix.


Yet another comedy series will soon make its appearance in your Netflix accounts with its brand new fourth season. Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt has enjoyed immense popularity with its previous three amazing seasons and is, here again, to tickle you on May 30 this year.


Released in 2015, this awe-inspiring movie is going to make a very special appearance on May 11 on Netflix. You now have absolutely no reason to miss out on this thriller. It would be the ideal movie to watch if you want to break the monotony but still want to remain confined to the comforts of your room.


The fans of Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit) in UAE you are in for a treat this month with the upcoming Netflix feature film Cargo which will be released on May 18 2018.

May is going to be one of the most exciting months on Netflix. Which of these shows are you going to watch first? Let us know below!

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