Fans Get The Lowdown On “Justice League” Villain Steppenwolf In New DVD/Blu-ray Featurette

The evil mastermind of Justice League, Steppenwolf, gets the limelight in a new featurette on the DVD/Blu-ray release of the film where DC creators discuss his fascinating backstory.

Steppenwolf in Justice League

A brand new featurette has appeared on the Justice League Blu-ray release providing insight into the superheroes’ nemesis Steppenwolf. The main villain of the film, a general in Darkseid’s army, was stopped only after the heroic troupe thwarted his plans to use Mother Boxes to end earth’s existence.

While the Justice League movie has its flaws, and Steppenwolf is one of them, the featurette included on home video formats sheds light on how the film’s chief bad guy could have been more compelling. Actor Ciarán Hinds discusses the character’s role in the film alongside DC Comics creators Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, and Jim Lee.

The thing with Steppenwolf is that he is inherently fascinating. But the film sadly didn’t capture the Shakespearean conflict of cosmic proportions as well as it could have. His presence in Justice League is fittingly menacing at times, but he remains an infuriatingly ambiguous DC villain.

In DC’s Extended Universe, Steppenwolf was fittingly teased to audiences through a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. His ambiguity was enhanced by not actually existing to anyone not seeking out the film’s deleted scene. It saw Lex Luthor captured by authorities and, from inside the Kryptonian ship, communicating with Steppenwolf via a hologram device.

Justice League

Darkseid, who was cut from the film, is a primary villain in the DC Universe. Steppenwolf was more interesting because he was Darkseid’s uncle and therefore his nephew ruled over him. That’s got to mess with your head. That family conflict could have made the film’s dark side more intriguing but it remains rather diluted.

The featurette contains plenty of insight about the warrior from Apokolips, exploring The Conquerer’s nephew Darkseid as well as the influence of Jack Kirby’s the New Gods. However, for fans begging for a Director’s Cut of the film, the featurette is likely to heighten interest in an extended version rather than temper it.

Like rivals Marvel, DC hopes its extended universe can continue to grow. Excited fans not only have the films to enjoy but toys, games, video games, costumes, books and we even have Justice League slots to play. It shows just how integrated the comic book world has become in everyday pop culture.

What’s next for Steppenwolf though? In the film, he is defeated by the superhero troupe and, unable to deal with fear, attacked by the Parademons before they escape via teleport. The chances of his return are low as the Extended Universe goes in search of new villains but he’s an interesting character and one fans wouldn’t begrudge another chance at defeating the Justice League.

Justice League is out now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, digital and DVD.

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