Top 5 Movie-Based Slots

Movies aren’t just content in their little multi-billion dollar corner of the media world, their popularity and profitability lead them to also be extremely successful in a variety of other avenues and translations. From toys to books and video games, a successful franchise will capitalise as much as it can, and as often as it can.

Ted 2, Seth MacFarlane - Top 10 Films

In this article we’ll go over five of our favourite film-based slot games, and why these stand out to us as something special. Remember that these enjoy releases as wide as films, so a review site like Casinos Killer will be able to point you to online casinos where these games can be found.


This foul-mouthed little creation from Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane proved an incredibly popular entry into film, and while a teddy bear might have been the most obvious product based off of the property, this slot game does just as well. With a whole host of voice clips, ridiculous bonus games, and that trademark MacFarlane humour, this is a game any fan of the Ted series should try for themselves.

Beauty and the Beast

Hot on the heels of the recent movie starring Emma Watson as the eponymous beauty, this film opts for a more classic illustrated style than those of the live-action film. While this makes it a little more interpretive than the other games on the list, we feel we can’t ignore it simply due to the outright beauty of the design. Stylised, flowing and colourful, this is a slot we would be drawn to even if we weren’t fans of the property.

Green Lantern

No, don’t go, hear us out. While the film starring Ryan Reynolds may have been more than a little bit disappointing, this slot game based on the property performs much better. With all of the classic characters and none of the less impressive film-making tropes, this slot has the bonuses and graphics to keep us coming back. We’re also a big fan of the look, which happens to look a lot better in a slot than it does in the film.

Planet of the Apes

Apes don’t play a lot of slot games. They would if they could, we don’t doubt, but without pockets, or a concept of money, this becomes a rather untenable hobby. Based on the incredibly popular recent entries into this classic sci-fi story, Planet of the Apes mirrors the high production values of the modern blockbusters, and with only a fraction of being terrified of the horrible alternative reality.

Paranormal Activity

The most popular found-footage style-film since The Blair Witch, which captivated audiences, terrified them and was popular enough to generate an entire following series. Paranormal Activity the slot game isn’t quite as scary as the film (thankfully), but it does manage to capture the spirit of the film effectively, and in a way which makes it more fun than frightening.

Honourable Mention: Aliens

While this slot game is not currently active, due to a lost license, we would feel remiss if we didn’t touch upon just how fantastic it was. With some of the best bonus games in the industry and some of the most impressive graphics in a slot game, this is a slot which we hope one day returns. If you see this game come back, then play it, even if you aren’t familiar with the property.

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