Feelgood Football Comedy “The Bromley Boys” Gets May Release Date

Funny, feel-good football comedy The Bromley Boys starring Brenock O’Connor, Alan Davies and Martine McCutcheon will have its world premiere on May 24 before going on general release.

Bromley Boys

Inspired by the book The Bromley Boys by Dave Roberts, City Rats director Steve Kelly’s film tells the story of the author as a 15-year-old and his passion for the worst football team in Britain – Bromley FC, a district of South East London.

Set on the cusp of the 1970s, and played out to the nostalgic sights and sounds of the era, including the music, wide collars and moustaches, the film captures the lengths to which a devoted fan will go to save his beloved football club, and the difficulties thrown up when your first love turns out to be the belligerent club chairman’s daughter. The Bromley Boys is a story of the underdog coming good, first love and the beautiful awkwardness that goes with it.

With an impressive British cast headed by young Brenock O’Connor (Game of Thrones) as Dave, the film stars Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek), Martine McCutcheon (Love Actually), Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake), Adam Deacon (Annuvahood), Ewen Macintosh (The Office) and Gareth Hale (Hale and Pace, Extras). The cast is joined by several up and coming actors, including Betsy Blue-English, discovered through a Bromley Borough wide talent search – and World Freestyle Footballer Sean Garnier.

“It’s been quite a journey getting the film to where it is now,” explains co-producer TJ Herbert. “It was a phenomenal team effort, on a very tight budget with one single goal – getting the best possible film on the screen. I believe we’ve done that and can’t wait to finally have The Bromley Boys out there for all to see.”

Leading lady Martine McCutcheon says: “For me, the most important factor in taking on any film or TV role is the script – I HAVE to love it. I’ve now seen the finished film and did absolutely love it. It’s a beautiful heart-warming story – very funny and with a great period sound track too! We need more British films like this.”

Football is undoubtedly the world’s most popular spectator sport with over 3.5 billion fans worldwide. And while the film centres around one football team – namely a really rubbish football team – the story is a universal one that will resonate not only with football fans, but sports fans the world over who have at some stage felt the pain of supporting ‘underdog’.

Lead actor Alan Davies said in a break during filming: “I really enjoyed the script and could totally relate to that feeling of being in love with a real football team – even though they were small and going nowhere. That feeling of seeing the same faces week in week out and being part of a family. The film is a nostalgic warm-hearted tale and I didn’t expect to be touched quite so much.”

As the game moves further and further from its roots, fans are increasingly turning to Non-League football throughout the UK to recapture the local spirit of the game and enjoy the close-up quirks and oddities that exist at this lower echelon of the football spectrum. This film is for them.

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