George Clooney For President

The odds have been halved on the double Oscar winner leading the Democrats to the Presidency and replacing Donald Trump at the next election.

Tomorrowland with George Clooney

Odds have been halved on the Hollywood A-lister replacing Donald Trump as the next US president with the Ocean’s 11 star now just 20/1 from 50/1. The news comes as the actor was reported to have donated to the gun-rigths march being held next month.

Betway has reported a sharp rise in the number of bets placed on George Clooney becoming the 46th President of the United States of America.

Betway’s Alan Alger, said: “The big news from our political betting offices is that bets are flying in for George Clooney to run for President!

“A recent and considerable donation to next month’s gun-rights march has triggered speculation of the actor running for the Whitehouse and we’ve had to cut his odds of both winning the Democrat nominee to 20/1 and he’s now 50/1 from 100/1 to be the 46th President.”

George Clooney joins a list of candidates for the next presidential run which includes Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as well as Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah Winfrey.

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    Mark Fraser Reply

    He should wait until the Clintons completely leave the scene so he doesn’t get hijacked at the convention by the super delegates. Bill and Hilary are so toxic that it will take a full eight years to get the taste of them out of the Democrats’ collective mouth – no mean feat in the age of Trump. Unfortunately one of those years has already passed, and they are still lingering like a bad smell.

    Any serious candidate should also be wary of Nancy Pelosi and her clique – they didn’t make it easy for Obama despite the Dems controlling both houses in his early years in the chair.

    The other thing Clooney may want to consider is that there is a genuine loathing for so-called progressive Hollywood elites sticking their noses into the political stage. Remember that episode of South Park when the cloud of smugness is traveling across California, and it’s made worse by George’s Academy Award acceptance speech for Siriana? After watching Fox quite regularly over the past decade, it’s obvious that that is exactly how the Right thinks, and it will do what it can (via Rupert’s hideous soapbox) to vilify rich superstars with a cause. Probably best that Clooney make more political films – being the POTUS after Trump is certain to be a poisoned chalice.

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