Cars Of The Future (According To The Movies)

Doc Brown’s flying, time-travelling DeLorean anyone? The Lexus 2054 from Minority Report. Mad Max’s modified Ford Falcon XB GT. Or maybe’s Tron’s Light Cycle? What futuristic vehicles have the movies introduced us to?

How have the movies predicted the future of automobiles? From Blade Runner’s flying cop cars to the not-so futuristic Ford Taurus of a near-future Detroit in RoboCop, cinema has proposed varying ways the automobile industry could progress.

Flight is a big thing – remember Doc Brown modifying his time-travelling DeLorean in Back To The Future Part II. This sci-fi fantasy adventure was also one of the few films to consider how changing fuel methods might impact the car sector. In the film we see the car’s 2015 version (remember the sequel was released in 1989) have a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor attached to it which allowed the driver to power the car with waste product. A great recycling tool!

The Fifth Element also took a leaf out of Blade Runner’s book with its flying police force. Elsewhere, the future has been painted with a more conservative – even bleak – outlook. RoboCop didn’t tell us when its near future was but considered a souped-up Ford Taurus to be fitting of its dystopian setting. Mad Max was no more optimistic, its “a few years from now” future modifying a Ford Falcon (also known as the Last of the V8 Interceptors).

Courtesy of this infographic from Motorparks, we have a handy guide to the cars of the future as envisaged by the movies.

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