Top 10 Scariest Children In Film

At least one in ten of Brits admitted to having nightmares caused by a creepy kid movie appearance. With Halloween upon us, new research by streaming service NOW TV reveals Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist as the scariest child to hit the silver screen.

Regan, The Exorcist, William Friedkin, Scariest Film Ever Made

Regan’s position at top spot comes as 33% of Brits agree she’s the scariest on-screen child. The results come after a Now TV poll. Damien from The Omen came in second place with 28%, and Samara Morgan from The Ring took third place with 24% finding her presence unnerving.

The research also revealed that it’s not just on-screen children that spook us, but our own kids too, as a quarter of the nation (23%) admit to having been creeped out by an unnerving child in real life. Over 10% of Brits told terrifying tales of sleepwalking kids, 7% said they’d witnessed a child speaking to someone who wasn’t there, or had observed a child seeing things that weren’t actually there in horrific hallucinations and 3% have even been scared by a child sharing a premonition.

NOW TV also found that at least one in ten of us have had nightmares caused by an eerie infant. Surprisingly, it’s young adults that are affected by chilling child performances the most, with a quarter of 18-24-year old waking up in a cold sweat due to creepy kid nightmares and 64% of the same age group finding kid performances more disturbing than adults.

Paul Sweeney – Director Sales & Marketing at NOW TV said: “Here on NOW TV we’ve got more creepy children than you can shake a stick at – pick from the tormented Carrie, the frightful mumma’s boy, Jason Voorhees or the possessed Janet Hodgson from The Conjuring 2 to haunt your Halloween dreams.”

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The top 10 scariest children in film…

Regan MacNeil – Final scene from The Exorcist (33%)
Damien – in The Omen (28%)
Samara Morgan – in The Ring (24%)
Carrie – in Carrie (20%)
The Grudge – in The Grudge (15%)
Grady Twins – in The Shining (14%)
Young Jason Voorhees – in Friday 13th Series (8%)9
Michael Myers – in Halloween: 20 years later (8%)
Janet Hodgson – in The Conjuring 2 (8%)
Cole Sear – in The Sixth Sense (7%)

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    Dan Grant Reply

    Another interesting article. exorcist definitely deserves to be on top. For me personally, Samara would take the cake. She scares the hell out of me. Two other kids that did not make the list, would make mine. Angela from Sleepaway Camp for obvious reasons and Mortecai from Children of the Corn.

    The Grady twins are another great choice…..”Come play with us Danny” always gives me chills, especially since that’s my name.

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