Tommy Lee Wallace’s 1990 Adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” Gets Freeview Screening This Halloween

Fans of Stephen King’s It, namely the 1990 two-part TV movie directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, will get the chance to relive the frights as it screens on True Entertainment this Halloween!

On Halloween, True Entertainment (Freeview 61 Freesat 142 Virgin 189 Sky 182) is showing the excellent TV movie of Stephen King’s It that traumatised a generation of kids (and adults) who watched it when it first aired in 1990. Thanks to Tim Curry’s marvellous performance as Pennywise, no one looked at a clown in the same way again.

The name, The Losers Club, perfectly sums up the group of seven friends that drive the story in this Stephen King shocker. They live in the quiet town of Derry, Maine and spend their days trying to negotiate what it means to be a teen. But when they start hearing and seeing strange things they realise they’re all in agreement that everything is revolving around a clown called Pennywise (Tim Curry).

When they realise just how evil the funny guy is, they set out to stop him in his malevolent tracks. They seem to succeed but fast-forward 30 years later and Pennywise looks to be up to his old tricks, so it’s up to the one member of the Losers Club who stayed in Derry to call back the other members and defeat Pennywise once and for all.

Watch IT (1990) on True Entertainment (Freeview 61 Freesat 142 Virgin 189 Sky 182) on Tuesday, 31st October at 9:00PM!

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