Why Was Rounders A Great Movie For Poker?

Casino games have been the theme for a lot of movies for a long time. Many movies have been based on the game of Poker and one such famous movie is the Rounders.

Classic Poker Scenes, Rounders - Top 10 Films

All the land-based and online poker players should surely watch the Rounders. This is surely a very relative movie and the regular online poker players will surely relate to all the characters in the movie. The acting has made this movie so relatable to all the poker players.

Here are few reasons compiled by Spinzwin Casino on how they claim Rounders is a great movie for all the offline and online poker lovers all over the world.

There Is Always a Winner At The Table

Matt Damon played the role of Mike McDermott who is the “ace” player. His line “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker’ is something you can relate to. He is a tough player who is a pro at knowing what is going on in the heads of the other players. We all have met and been this character at some point in our lives. Poker is not only a gambling game, rather it is a skill that is developed over time and this is what the non-poker players or the beginners find hard to understand.

We All Have Met A Worm

The character of Worm that is played by Edward Norton which is a character of a carefree person who always needs support of taking care of at the poker table and as well as real life. This is a kind of person who will urge you to take care of them no matter what. Again, we all have met a person like this who we have helped at some point in life. The people who help the Worm show a very important etiquette in the poker game which is that if you can help a person, you must help a person. We all must agree that there is a little of Worm in all of us and at some points, we were in needs of help or were vulnerable.

There Are Some Lessons To Be Learnt

There are lots of life lessons to be learned in the Rounders. Like, in the beginning, Mike McDermott is shown losing badly. This shows there are downsides of offline as well as online poker. Furthermore, there’s a scene when Mike contemplates if he should put all his bankroll in the game. This shows that there is a fair chance of losing at the game and playing mindlessly is not the way to go about. By showing the real side of the poker game, the movie becomes even more realistic to the viewers. There is also a very important message in the movie that shows that it is all about the fair game and if someone loses, they need to accept it with grace.

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