Hector Valdez’s “Peaches” Is Raindance’s “Film Of The Festival”

Hector Valdez will be asked to direct next year’s official Raindance Film Festival trailer after his feature Peaches was named Film of the Festival at the 25th edition of the event.

Set somewhere in the Caribbean, in a future that never was, the Raindance “Film of the Festival Award” went to Hector Valdez’s Peaches. The film follows a man who will find any means necessary to fix his relationship after his girlfriend decides to leave him after a disastrous anniversary getaway. Our protagonist Diego, an inventor, decides to build a time machine to correct his wrongs but things get worse when other time travellers turn up with similar notions.

Raindance founder Elliot Grove was particularly impressed, saying: “We chose Peaches as Film of the Festival because of the spirit in which it was made. A retro-futuristic voyage, this film interweaves time travel, whilst firmly rooted on 70s Hollywood’s vision of the future. The film cleverly interweaves style and synthesised music rooted firmly in the 1970s to create a relentlessly upbeat movie with characters that are hilariously oblivious to the complexities of basic morality.”

As a result of winning Film of the Festival, Hector Valdez will be asked to direct next year’s official festival trailer.

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