Most Thrilling Casino Movies

Who would not want to spend some time away from the gaming floors of a casino to sit down to watch an incredible movie?

Classic Poker Scenes, Rounders - Top 10 Films

Many of these movies are based on real people and true events which make them more interesting towards games. Here are the thrilling movies you need to watch if you love indulging in bingo games or other popular gambling options. Sailor Bingo, basically a UK bingo site which has a combination of online bingo games and casino games with various movie-themed games for players to take advantage of.

If you would love to take a break from online bingo for a while, then these are movies that you need to consider watching.


This American drama movie directed by John Dahl is all about high-stakes poker. This movie is about two friends who want to repay a large debt and turn to poker to make quick cash. This movie became a cult hit due to the growing popularity of poker games during 1998. There are rumours about this movie being based on the experiences of Norm Macdonald.

Ocean’s Eleven

This American movie is a remake of a movie made in the year 1960 with the very same title. The movie featured an ensemble cast and was directed by Steven Soderbergh. The film starred Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia and Don Cheadle. This movie was a massive success at the box office and it was the fifth highest grossing movie during the year 2001. This movie tells the story of a team of robbers with a plan to rob three casinos of Las Vegas simultaneously.


This movie is based on the glitzy life of gamblers in Las Vegas. The plot revolves around the life of a young drifter who aspires to become a dancer. However, she pushes her way to become the top showgirls in the city of Vegas.


The movie is an aspiring writer who lands a job of a croupier at a popular casino. He gets to experience the life of gamblers and realizes that his experiences would make a golden material for his book.

The Cooler

This is a romantic drama movie which was released in 2003. A Cooler in casino industry is used to refer an unlucky individual. This story revolves around the life of Bernie Lootz who is considered to be unlucky. His luck, however, changes when he falls in love with Natalie Belisario, a cocktail waitress.

The Cincinnati Kid

This movie is all about a young poker player who wants to make a name in the poker circles and wants to be a legend in the poker industry.

Hard Eight

John tries learns the tricks of the trade from a professional gambler. He does well until he falls in love with Clementine, a cocktail waitress. Rest of the movie is worth watching.

Casino Royale

This movie was the first to star Daniel Craig as the iconic character, James Bond. This movie is all about James trying to beat Le Chiffre, a terrorist financier at a high-stakes poker game. This movie received a positive critical response from the critics. It made over $600 million worldwide.


This movie is about six MIT students who gain training in becoming experts at card counting. They end up making millions in Vegas casinos.


This movie revolves around the life of Bret Maverick who needs money to participate in a poker tournament. Throughout, the key character faces challenges and comic mishaps which make this movie quite interesting.

Those who are fans of bingo and casino games would certainly love watching these movies. Sailor Bingo is incredibly popular and is quite entertaining. However, these top 10 movies would certainly be fun watching if you are taking a momentary break from playing online games.

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