10 Classic Horror Movie Sequels That Ruined The Franchise

Horror movies should have you cringing behind your popcorn, covering your eyes, and flinching each time the bad guy or paranormal monster shows up on the silver screen. Unfortunately, sequels to our favorite scary movies don’t always measure up, leaving us to throw popcorn at craptacular film as we grumble over wasting money watching bad actors in two-dollar costumes run around murdering people with rubber knives covered in fake ketchup blood.

I Still Know What You Did last Summer

Spoofy to the extreme, which is what the producers seemed to be going for. This movie was tiresome to watch and should fall more squarely into the comedy category rather being classified as any type of horror.

Poltergeist 3

Poltergeist III, horror, film,The saddest thing about this movie is that the beautiful and talented child star Heather O’Rourke passed away during production. The original movie showcased her talent as the poltergeist activity terrified us all. The sequel placed Carol Ann in her aunt and uncle’s apartment battling emotional problems and the ghosts that follow her, but was difficult to watch due to subpar acting by the supporting cast, a bad script, and shameless effort to capitalize on the original.

Jaws: The Revenge

The movie this was based on was named one of the 10 best summer blockbusters through the years, but the sequel will definitely never land on the list. This picture wants the audience to believe a shark is hunting down the family of the man who kicked butt in the original Jaws, to seek revenge on them. This movie is beyond awful and fully deserving of the Razzies it earned.

Lost Boys: The Tribe

If you’re a huge fan of fake blood and gore, this one’s for you. It appears someone decided to cram in as many sex scenes as possible while they based this movie on 30-second cameos and bloody props.

Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2, Tod WilliamsThis one isn’t terrible. The pacing is alright and some cool stuff happens, but it just doesn’t have the plot and interest of the original and falls flat by comparison.

Jack Frost 2: Revenge Of The Killer Mutant Snowman

The title really says it all. In this movie, a killer snowman stalks people in the Caribbean. Yes, the audience is expected to believe this ridiculous hunk of ice now has the ability to avoid melting on hot sandy beaches as it murders people. Seriously? Check out IMDb to learn more about the killer mutant snowman.

The Rage: Carrie 2

Come on! This movie doesn’t even come close to Stephen King’s horror novel or the first movie. The only good part is the last fifteen or so minutes when Carrie goes postal and kills off some of her classmates who deserve it. Save your time by skipping this and rewatching the original.

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

How can you go wrong with a horror flick that features a psychopathic serial killer who dresses up like Santa Claus as he seeks the ultimate revenge against Mother Superior. This was so badly produced that you can actually see sound equipment in the form of mics drop into the edges of the film. Viewers who like to watch bad B-movies to make fun of the gore and laugh through the comically messed up effort to scare the audience might go for this one.

Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

The Blair Witch Project was horror at its best, filmed in a way that had the audience shrieking as characters ran through the woods with camera equipment as a witch showed them what she was capable of, all the way up to a killer ending guaranteed to cause nightmares for years to come. But, yet again, the sequel did not live up to it. Not totally awful, this flick attempts to build on the first, does contain convincing suspense, but the plot just falls short.

American Psycho 2: All American Girl

The original American Psycho is a cult classic referenced in pop culture to this day, a film that will live on for generations of horror seekers to enjoy in years to come. In the sequel, a college student sets her sights on earning the title of class assistant, which leads her to murder anyone who stands in her way. Um, that really doesn’t even sound scary because, well, it isn’t, and the movie is a total flop. The acting is bad, the plot in no way even resembles the original, and it just sucks.

And a bonus bad movie:

Exorcist II: The Heretic

At least the main character is played by Linda Blair, the actress who made the pea-puking Regan MacNeil a legend among horror aficionados. Now she’s grown up, suffering nightmares and repressed memories that stem from the exorcism at the same time as an investigation is reopened into the death of Father Merrin, the priest who died banishing the demon from Regan all those years ago.

The search for answers leads the priest in charge of the case to Africa among other people Merrin cast demons out of. With the cast of talented actors in this film, it is truly shocking how horrible the movie is. The whole locust thing was sort of silly as portrayed, nothing in this movie was horrifying, well, unless you wasted money buying a ticket. The sequel to this much-loved classic tale of horror is just plain sad.

While some of the greatest horror flicks have given birth to sequels that do them credit and carry on the legend, like Nightmare on Elm Street for example, the movies listed above fall so short of the mark as to give all sequels a bad name.

Over to you: what are your top 10 horror film sequel fails?

Written and Compiled by Erik Winther

Erik Winther
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Erik Winther is a passionate video producer from Southern California and the creator of Netflix Guides, a site to help all TV and movie enthusiasts keep up with the latest shows coming on Netflix.

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    Dan Grant Reply

    Good list. Agree with many of the choices…..EXCEPT Paranormal 2. I thought that did everything better than the original. But terrific choices with films like Carrie 2 and especially Blair Witch 2.

    My list would include (at number 1, no doubt), even worse than JAWS IV, Nightmare on Elm Street 2. That did everything wrong proving that Wes Craven is the only person who should be directing Nightmare on Elm Street films.

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    Neal Damiano Reply

    You’re correct American Psycho part 2 had nothing to do with the amazing original film based off the seminal BE Ellis book. However, I liked it very tongue & cheek heavy exaggeration but for some reason it worked for me (laughing). I would add Prom Night 2 Hello Mary Lou to the list horrible storyline, not scary at all.

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