“The Hatton Garden Job” Is A Classically British Comic Crime Caper

Based on the true robbery at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company, London 2015. Four elderly men and one young man carried out the biggest burglary in English history. The value stolen is still unknown today. Director Ronnie Thompson takes on the truth, in this entertaining and classically British film.

The Hatton Garden Job has a very strong British cast, including Matthew Goode, Phil Daniels, Larry Lamb, David Calder and Clive Russell. They’re all well respected within acting and film and characteristically deliver brilliant, believable performances.

Due to the cast been mainly British, the comedy and witty one liners recall classic British farce, suiting the talents of this entertaining ensemble. However, they’d be the first to admit they’re in debt to the cockney delights of a sparkling script from writers Ray Bogdanovich, Dean Lines and Ronnie Thompson.

In the opening credits the film has a sense of Ben Wheatley’s style of shooting with headers coming across characters and new scenes. However, as the film progresses it turns into something more unique as director Ronnie Thompson injects his own visual style.

It isn’t clear how close to the truth The Hatton Garden Job stays with dramatic license filling in the blanks. Regardless, it is an entertaining mix of crime and comedy with a distinct British sensibility. Stunningly shot, boasting a lively soundtrack, and featuring terrific performances from the cast, The Hatton Garden Job is a delightfully entertaining caper.

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Written by Thomas Brownridge

Directed by: Ronnie Thompson
Written by: Ronnie Thompson
Starring: Matthew Goode, Joely Richardson, Stephen Moyer
Released: 2016 | Genre: Crime-Comedy
Country: UK | IMDB

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