“The Amityville Horror” Limited Edition Steelbook Comes With A Compelling Added Extra

Eric Walter’s My Amityville Horror, featuring Daniel Lutz who experienced the Amityville horror first hand, gives a new interpretation of the fateful 28 days the Lutz family spent in America’s most infamous haunted house. It’s a compelling additional feature on the brand new limited edition Steelbook version of the classic supernatural film The Amityville Horror.

Daniel Lutz gives his version of events for the first time in documentary My Amityville Horror.

Second Sight are releasing a brand new limited edition Steelbook Blu-ray of paranormal horror classic The Amityville Horror on June 26. This frightening true story depicts the fateful 28 days the Lutz family spent in the infamous haunted house which, prior to their occupation, was the site of a very violent murder. If their tale is to be believed, all manner of supernatural activity took place during their life at the Amityville house and they were forced to flee in terror less than a month after moving in.

Now, UK audiences get the chance to own the film on a sparkling new limited edition Steelbook Blu-ray which features some interesting added features. This includes an introduction and full film commentary from parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer. Holzer spent many years documenting the case and carried out experiments at the house. His audio commentary discusses how the film depicts the realities faced by the Lutz family during their 28 days in the house. He also explains how the movie takes dramatic license to increase the tension.

Perhaps the most fascinating addition within this UK release of the original The Amityville Horror is the feature length documentary My Amityville Horror featuring the Lutz’s eldest son Daniel. Rarely ever speaking of the events at the house before, Daniel discusses his version of the story, corroborating his parents’ interpretation in many ways and revealing a very troubled period that involved both paranormal activity and potential child abuse at the hands of his adopted father George Lutz.

The Amityville Horror limited edition Steelbook is out June 26, 2017.

Directed by Eric Walter and fronted largely by Laura DiDio, who was one of the first journalists to investigate the case, this 85-minute documentary is a revealing tale of a troubled young boy turned angry old man recalling tragedy, psychological trauma and media scrutiny. It’s incredible to hear what he went through at such a young age, made even more unnerving by the paranormal activity he was subjected to.

Daniel talks about being possessed, how he and his brother were levitated in their beds and thrown across rooms, how his father mastered the art of telekinesis to move objects with his mind, and how an entity once came in through the kitchen door and sat beside him at the dinner table.

It would be laughable, if he were not so obviously sincere. Similarly, it would be easy to make a joke of his mental state were the question not so obviously, and sadly, relevant. Indeed, you begin to wonder if Daniel was so troubled by the alleged neglect or abuse he faced at the hands of his mother’s husband, that perhaps his pre-teen mind was irreparably broken. He filled in the blanks with imaginative tall tales passed down from his parents and learned as a result of the media storm.

Those interested in the Amityville haunting will find the documentary compelling viewing while others will find it an interesting alternative to previous films and TV shows about the infamous house.

It features many speakers who had direct involvement in documenting the case in the 1970s and 1980s including Lorraine Warren, who audiences will know from her depiction in James Wan’s The Conjuring franchise, whose house Daniel visits with DiDio.

Unlike his parents, who could be criticised for cashing in on their story and perhaps enhancing it for dramatic effect, Daniel is clearly still trying to come to terms with that time in his life. He doesn’t appear to have an agenda other than finding some closure by telling his story.

The Amityville Horror arrives on UK limited edition Blu-ray Steelbook June 26 2017

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