BFI’s “Rita, Sue And Bob Too” DVD/Blu-ray Boasts Sparkling New Doc

A wonderful new home video release of British cult comedy hit Rita, Sue and Bob Too has been released by the BFI in the UK. The DVD/Blu-ray features a brand new documentary starring all the main cast members discussing their experiences making the film.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too, director Alan Clarke’s comic drama set in Bradford about a pair of vivacious teenagers who begin an affair with a married man, has received the DVD/Blu-ray release it deserves. The BFI has released the film on a dual format DVD/Blu-ray with a fascinating, well-written booklet featuring brand new writing on the film as wlel as a terrific documentary about the making of the film.

The principle cast Siobhan Finneran, Michelle Holmes, George Costigan and Lesley Sharpe are all involved including others who share their stories of working with Alan Clarke and enigmatic screenwriter Andrea Dunbar, who adapted the screenplay from a pair of her own acclaimed plays based on her own upbringing on Bradford’s Buttershaw estate.

Emerging from an 80s British cinema social-realist movement that saw the prevailing cultural and political anxieties take centre stage, Rita, Sue and Bob Too has an intelligent thematic mix that includes nods race and class in middle 1980s England. But it is also funny, moving and charming, evoking both the spirit of the era as defined by its northern, post-industrial setting.

Clarke, and by extension screenwriter Dunbar, recognised the drama in real life, as well as drawing attention, with a warm but guarded heart, to the lives of people in England’s northern cities. Further noteworthy for being one of only three feature length films Clarke made for theatrical release, Rita, Sue and Bob Too is sparked to life by the politically-charged, culturally in-tune motives of its director and the astute eye for colloquial detail and genuine sense of place provided by its screenwriter.

You can buy Rita, Sue and Bob Too from now:

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