Top 10 Underrated DC Characters Of All Time

For comic book fans, 2017 is the year when Justice League makes every conversation. Top 10 Films takes a look at our top 10 underrated DC characters of all time in anticipation of CD’s tentpole movie.

top 10 underrated DC characters of all time

For your curiosity, here’s our top 10 underrated DC characters of all time:


While all of the characters of Teen Titans deserve a place on this list, Raven has held a special place in fan’s hearts. The daughter of an interdimensional demon, Raven has incredible demonic powers and can control the emotions of others, but her emotions influence her powers as well and a bad mood could lead to disaster. Her story is tragic from almost beginning to end and her inner conflict with her demonic side made her an endlessly fascinating character.

Hush (Thomas Elliot)

Hush had a similar childhood to his friend Bruce Wayne – hyper intelligent and from a wealthy family – but the difference that set the two characters on different paths was that Thomas hated his parents. Wanting his parents’ money, he killed his father by cutting the brakes on his parents’ car and grew up with a serious grudge against Bruce. As an adult, he became Hush upon discovering the identity of Batman and teaming up with the Riddler. His incredible intellect, marksmanship and martial arts skills make him a formidable foe and his skills as a surgeon mean that he can change his face to become anyone he wants – even Bruce Wayne!

Engineer (Angela Spica)

This incredible superhero has liquid nano-technological robots in her veins instead of blood and an incredible intellect. Angela is not the first hero named Engineer but she is certainly the one that everyone remembers. After the death of the original Engineer, she injected herself with robot technology, giving her the power to create anything she wants by rearranging matter around her. She can duplicate herself, teleport, create weapons and force fields and even time travel, and that’s not even half of what she’s capable of.

Secret (Greta Hayes)

Secret’s one shot comic is certainly worth the read and her origin story is pretty heart breaking. Her adopted brother Billy became one of the most infamous DC villains, while her story went in a very different direction. This lost soul with no memory of her past eventually became a member of Young Justice while her shyness and inner fire made a great addition to the team. With ghostly powers she was impossible to harm, could transport souls to the beyond and turn into smoke.

Generic Man (John Doe)

While little is known about this generic super villain, his appearance in DC’s superhero parody, Heckler, certainly made an impression. This accountant’s superpower was that everything he touched turned into a generic version of itself. Together with his sidekick Buckshot who had the power of exploding freckles, he endeavoured to put an end to world conflict by making everything generic.

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)

While we are expecting to see Deathstroke in Affleck’s next Batman movie, no one knows what sort of a role he’s going to play. In the comics, this villain was one to look out for. His backstory involved war, government experiments and his wife shooting out his eye. He is a twisted and highly intelligent anti-villain, capable of manipulating and exploiting the weaknesses of his opponents. In Identity Crisis he managed to defeat The Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Zatanna Zatara, Black Canary and the Atom at the same time.

Red Arrow (Emiko Queen)

Half-sister of the Green Arrow, Emiko is a master archer and assassin. Kidnapped as a baby from her parents Robert Queen and Shado, she was trained by their enemy, Komodo. Believing her parents to be dead, she diligently trained under Komodo until eventually realising the truth. While she doesn’t have any super powers, she is an incredible fighter and is more than capable of handling herself when faced with danger.

Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

Everyone knows who Batgirl is but not everyone appreciates what an amazing character she is – and even worse than this is when people assume that all of the Batgirls in the comic series are the same character. Cassandra Cain was one of the darker versions of Batgirl, raised on violence by two notorious assassins, she completed her first assassination mission before she was ten and it was not a pretty sight. Scarred by the experience, she ran and lived on the streets until an act of heroism introduced her to Batman and Oracle, one of the previous Batgirls.

Mr Miracle (Scott Free)

Mr Miracle is the best escape artist in the Universe with quite a convoluted and twisted backstory. As one of the New Gods, he has every superpower in the book, including strength, speed, stamina, intelligence, invulnerability and immortality. He also has his own powers he refers to as the ‘Alpha Effect’ that can break the boundaries of reality, essentially. He can travel through dimensions, bring back the dead and manipulate energy to create or transform anything he wants.

Red Tornado

Red Tornado is an android that was designed to infiltrate the Justice Society of America, but changed his loyalties to become a superhero. He has always been an outsider, making him endearing and fascinating to readers, but the friendships he formed with the rest of the team made him the hero he is. However, this is not the only version of Red Tornado that exists. He can create mini-cyclones and control winds and storms on top of being exceptionally strong, intelligent and durable.

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