Black Fawn Films Dares You To Try “The Resident” Which Lands On DVD & On Demand May 22

Black Fawn Films, the critically acclaimed production house responsible for 2015’s Bite, dares you to welcome The Resident into your home when the film, which was called one of the “most effective psychological horror films of the decade” by, arrives on DVD & On Demand May 22.

The Resident (also known as The Sublet), the debut feature film from director John Ainslie, who also co-wrote the film, comes from Black Fawn Films, a horror production house growing its reputation for low budget scary movies following the release of cult favourites Antisocial and The Drownsman.

Described by as one of the “most effective psychological horror films of the decade”, The Resident could be Black Fawn Films’ best horror film yet. Indeed, in its four star review, Flickering Myth offered glowing praise, saying the film subverts expectation and, thanks to its concentration on character over jump scares, it’s a “tense psychological tale that won’t fail to mess with your mind”.

The film finds Joanna, alone with a baby and feeling isolated, growing increasingly uneasy in her new apartment after a series of strange occurrences. Are the sinister noises, banging on the walls and whispering voices real, or is she losing her mind? Gradually uncovering the chilling history of her new home, she desperately clings to her sanity, while fearing the horrific events of the past have left a very real and malevolent presence.

The Resident, known originally as The Sublet in the States, makes its UK DVD debut and will be available on-demand and to download on May 22 2017, courtesy of Second Sight.

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    Great poster! Looks really scary. Arriving only on DVD? Is it really that good?

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