Shia Labeouf’s “Man Down” Makes History With Its Opening Day Haul Of £7

We didn’t find a lot to like in Dito Montiel’s muddled post apocalyptic war drama Man Down starring Hollywood enigma Shia Labeouf and neither did the British public with an opening day revenue return of just £7 and one solitary ticket sold.

A Stellar Shia LeBeouf Performance Gives Dita Montiel's "Man Down" Something To Cheer

Dito Montiel’s Man Down leaves its theatrical run with its tail between its legs having captured a box office return less than the equivalent of a large box of popcorn and a bag of sweets. The film sold one ticket on its opening day and will likely leave its theatrical run with a total box office of around £21.

This low revenue return is more commonplace these days with simultaneous cross-platform releases. Man Down was released on Digital platforms at the same time as its single theatre big screen run (at Reel Cinema in Burnley) but its single ticket sale is still surprising. Even Katherine Heigl thriller Zyzzyx Road managed six ticket sales in 2006.

Man Down did however fare better Stateside, capturing nearly $500,000. That’s perhaps just as surprising as the film has been described by Top 10 Films’ Martin Carr as “ponderously slow, confused and shallow”, a film “held together by one great performance, paper thin supporting roles and a tactless pay-off.”

No publicity is “bad” publicity goes the saying. The film’s poor box office return will get people searching their VOD services for this all-star film. That’s the silver lining I suppose.

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    Hope this film finds an audience on VOD/DVD.

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      Me too Callum – Thanks for reading – Martin

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